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The Secret To Background Badasses - Why We All Remember Boba Fett

Nerd culture really is an odd thing, especially when it comes to our more obsessive traits.

If a director opts to emphasise a minor point enough or make it stand out, fandoms can end up building entire worlds around them. You can think of no small number of these from the "calibrations" jokes of Mass Effect to the endless examples provided by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but few have been so effective as Boba Fett. For a character who did little more than largely stand in the background in silence, Star Wars fans enshrined him, using him to build up the entire Mandalorian culture and gradually turning his people into a force which could rival the Jedi. The obvious question is why we did that though. For someone who fired less than a dozen shots across two films, what was the secret to his success? The answer stems not from what he did, but the tantalizing suggestions of what he was capable of.

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