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Zack Snyder And Ben Affleck Made The Greatest Batman Ever

The darkness had always been there in all of the Batmans, but only Affleck's portrayal had the balls to see what happens when Bruce Wayne sinks too far past the line. Here's Geek Culture's take.

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CobraKai1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )


Kevin Conroy best Batman ever. Arkham Knight had the Batman that Affleck failed to be.

Affleck was supposed to be this beaten, tired, cruel Batman, but was either too subtle about it or didn't express it very well. It wasn't in his emotions, body language, or expressions. I don't see the Batman he was written to be. He just fit in the suit.

gangsta_red1790d ago

This is really the only thing I can agree with in BvS.

The fight choreography for this Batman was fantastic.

aDDicteD1784d ago

He should do a solo batman movie that is successful financially and critically to earn the title the best batman ever.