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The March No-Brainer - Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck, The Revenant and More

Screenhall - March is over so it’s about time to look back on all the events that have happened. It sure was a month packed with a lot of huzzah and sadness as well depending on where you stand after the release of the anticipated DC superhero “epic” Batman v Superman.

Suprisingly Hollywood stopped releasing bug-budget blockbusters only in the summer slot and is happily releasing them throughout the whole year as well, usually starting in March. So after the winter hibernation it is to get out the house, enjoy the birds and the bees and the dogs, then later on jump in you local cinema and watch all the new releases that are worth seeing. But don’t forget the internet is ever so productive so you can expect a lot of things going on in the virtual sphere as well. And that’s where we come in.

The March No-Brainer brings you exactly that, a collection where you can look back at 2015, go through what is the latest mockery of Donald Trump, and basically chill out and have a laugh. Over the mont...

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