Why The Walking Dead Fans Should Watch Z Nation


There’s little doubt that when it comes to mainstream shows about the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead is the one most undead fans tune into each week. However, when it comes to character development, story arcs and an overall sense of entertainment, a high production budget doesn’t always translate into a consistently high quality show. Over the course of six seasons, The Walking Dead has managed to raise a very large fan base and has situated itself nicely at the top of Zombie Mountain – but that doesn’t mean The Walking Dead hasn’t been without its share of flaws.

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alycakes1797d ago

I love Z Nation. It is a great story about the end of life as we know it because of zombies but in a more light hearted way. It really is good.

Lord_Sloth1796d ago

I tried watching Z Nation but found it a bit too....I guess comical for my tastes. I dunno, there were dancing zombies in a strip club and some annoying guy in a fancy suit and hat controlling them. Not for me.

mushroomwig1796d ago

I gave it a chance, the style and effects reminded me of those Asylum production films, pure After Effects student quality.

MasterD9191796d ago

It's hard to take anything on Syfy seriously.