Do Batman V Superman’s Reviews Prove That Critics Are Snobs?


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally in theaters. After seemingly an eternity of buildup (Warner Bros. has been trying to make this movie for so long that there was footage of a still-living Christopher Reeve making fun of the idea in a news special), the biggest prospective superhero crossover ever has arrived onscreen with an entirely new Batman, the first live-action feature film Wonder Woman, a bucket full of teasers for Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg and the promise of Justice League and a DC Extended Universe. And, after all that, the reactions are… well, “mixed” would be one way of putting it.

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WizzroSupreme1798d ago

Of course reviewers are snobs, they always have been. They're paid to boost site traffic and controversy is always going to drive that first and foremost. They say everyone has an axe to grind, but critics are no more or less bias than any other fans, but the difference is that they're paid for theirs.

badz1491796d ago

IMO they are snobs because most of them, especially those who gave the movie a terrible score didn't really review it for what it is! the main reason is, they can't restrain themselves from mentioning Marvel every chance the got during their review which is kinda showing their inner motives TBH! not every super hero movies need to cater to children and has bright colors and shoe-in comedy or gag every here and then like what Marvel is doing! they were great a couple of times in the beginning but now it's just getting overused and doesn't feel all THAT great anymore!

sure the movie, IMO, is not exactly 10/10 stuff, not even 9/10 but it's also a way better movie than its current RT score of 29% tries to portray! lots of things could have been better but not enough to put down the movie to <30% score! that's just plain trolling!

rdgneoz31796d ago

"not every super hero movies need to cater to children and has bright colors and shoe-in comedy or gag every here and then like what Marvel is doing"

Deadpool was R rated (the only R rated comic superhero movie besides Kickass and Watchmen) and had a great combination of mature action / story and comedy. It got positive reviews and has done insanely well (like a $58 mill budget and made over $700 mill). Hell, one of my favorite movies is the Dark Knight with Ledger's joker owning the entire movie, and he won an award posthumously for his role.

As for BvS, killing off Jimmy Olsen just for sh!ts and giggles (not even naming him and saying he's a CIA spoof?), throwing in the Batman backstory that people have heard a million times already to increase the length of the movie, having a boring senate scene, and completely ruining Doomsday's backstory don't help the movie at all. Hell, even killing off Luther's right hand woman in Mercy Graves, who even at one point takes over for Lex as CEO of the company, doesn't seem to fit right.

Also, there was an article about the RT score and how other movies with mixed reviews have had them labeled as rotten ratings, so claiming BvS is getting unfair treatment isn't correct.

gangsta_red1796d ago

And what about other movies they review that get great scores?

I find it hilarious that whenever a movie gets bad reviews or don't align with someone else's opinion that means reviews are snobs or doing this to get clicks.

Kreisen1796d ago

And somehow everybody seems to always forget how well received the Nolan movies were. That is with the dark tone, slow pacing and everything. Fanboys should just accept BvS was even worse then MoS.


The 10th Rider1797d ago

Well, the state of reviews in most industries is pretty interesting right now. Most critics really don't really have the background to be able to breakdown and analyze something to provide a genuine critique. Case-in-point: When the movie "the Eagle" came out, my local paper's review spent the whole time complaining about the lack of female characters, and that they could just forge another Eagle, and that Roman culture was brutal and they should be the bad guys . . . Offering nothing on the movie itself. There happens to be a lot of those critics, and that's dumb. However to be a well respected critic who's able to provide a in-depth analysis is a lot harder than people think. There's some still out there, but their reputations are tarnished by the others that call themselves 'critics.'

In the case of Batman V Superman, most people agree it's just an okay movie, good at best. The only reason user scores are a bit higher is because of the people that think it's the second-coming-of Christ. Besides, most people agree movies like 50 Shades of Grey and Transformers are bad, even though others still go to see them. A movie can be enjoyable to people without it being a particularly good movie.

-Foxtrot1797d ago

Are they snobs when they rated the Dark Knight trilogy so highly? No? Yeah didn't think so.

Hold_It1797d ago

Sonic fans really are the worst, smh.

-Foxtrot1797d ago

Didn't answer the question did you...

They are snobs when they don't rate a movie you like high but they are taken by their word when a movie you like does well.

If Wonder Woman does really well score wise you'll all eat it up, no one will say "Can't trust reviewers".

Sonic fans aren't the problem. Die hard DC fans are.

The 10th Rider1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Well, diehard fans of anything. Games, movies, music...

People don't seem to understand that you can be critical of something but still enjoy it, and enjoy something while acknowledging its flaws.

UnwanteDreamz1797d ago

You can also be a die hard and critical at the same time. Like sports fans sometimes. Die hards can be the most critical and cynical reviewers.

Hold_It1797d ago

Rises and Age of Ultron were worse than this film.
It's just funny that this film is considered one of the worst ever made, because a lot of plot points went over the audiences head, because they don't understand symbolism, foreshadowing, and are use to not having to use their brain when watching Marvel's "superhero" films.

-Foxtrot1797d ago

Rises was alright just a little bit of a letdown but it still was alright.

Age of Ultron again not as good as the first film but it still was decent.

The problem is these two films had a better story, character development, respect to the source material, well shot, well edited, story structure was good. Point is this whole "symbolism" thing is just a lousy, crappy excuse from people to defend the film

" because they don't understand"

Sorry but it's not a psychological thriller, it's a comic book film which was poorly done after the huge amount of hype behind it. That's it.

"and are use to not having to use their brain when watching Marvel's "superhero" films"

Lol...oh come on man that's just low and you know it. Like DC is any better when it's again about explosions, fights and CGI like all Superhero films.


You mean like Thanos/Infinity Stones in Marvel which has pretty much been teased since the early days. Marvel has an end goal with Infinity War, the film which will take all that build up over the years and finally get it to come to a conclusion. Like how the films in Phase 1 all built up to the Avengers. What do we have in BvS...oh yeah quick references and cameos of DC related things so they can rush the Justice League as fast as they can with no build up.

What about Civil War aswell? They've used the actions of the last films as a story plot point for this film. BvS is like Marvel doing Civil War as their second or third film.

Slow and steady wins the race

Defectiv3_Detectiv31796d ago

See, that's where I disagree. This movie actually had a lot in common with MCU films in the way it clumsily handled a lot of those extraneous plot points.

As a general rule of thumb I find forcefeeding the audience expanded universe bits to be a bit of a shady practice. Rarely is it in service of the story at hand, and the worst examples actually detract from the movie (Iron Man 2).

The Knightmare sequences added very little to the movie, and to be honest they just made Batman's paranoia of Superman feel manufactured when that could have been time better spent exploring honest reasons as to why Batman would be so opposed to this god like being. Which is what the story is really supposed to be about, as visually cool as those segments might have been. I nerded out like everybody else over all of the Darksied easter eggs, but ultimately that was of very little consequence to the film.

Wonder Woman's presence in the film also felt forced. Her whole plot involves the tracking down an old photo for what I can only guess was an attempt to keep her identity a secret. She's given very little to do in the film that is worthwhile other than to reassure the audience that there will be a new Wonder Woman coming out. Once again, had her scenes been cut the movie would have gone largely unchanged.

That is not to say that DC is the only offender. They do attempt to give the story some weight by not having it completely revolve around a macguffin unlike the Avengers, which felt inconsequential by comparison. Easter eggs can add an interesting layer to a movie but at the same time it has to work on its own. You have to be able to compartmentalize that part of the movie in order to judge it objectively. A movie should never rest on the strength of an easter egg, it should always treat the audience as if they have no prior knowledge.

Hold_It1797d ago


I didn't like it because I didn't understand it.
I wanted it to be more like a Marvel superhero film, and didn't like the fact that it used a bunch of themes from other continuities I didn't know of, I didn't understand the foreshadowing, symbolism, as I'm not familiar with the extended DC universe, and it's crap because it wasn't the dumbed down film I wanted it to be.

Your reply in a nutshell.

It's not low to say that the people who didn't like it, are the the ones who don't use their brain when they watch a film of this type. It's the truth.
Symbolism and foreshadowing isn't an excuse when it's present in every other scene with subtle things in the background that you didn't pay attention to.

I bet you're one of the same people who hated Inception, because you couldn't wrap your head around what was going on, so it's a meh film because it wasn't spelled out enough. The ending for Inception was never ambiguous, it only appeared to be. If you looked at every small detail in that film you know at the end of the mobie Cobb isn't dreaming when he gets his kids back at the end. The spinning top was his wife's totem, and his wedding ring was his totem. He even says serveral times in the film that it's not good to let other people know what your totem was, because it could have adverse effects.

People wouldn't know that if they didn't pay attention to what was said, and just tried to watch the film as a mindless action film. Which is also why most people praised it for its visual style, and complexity, but also bashed it for not making any sense, which it did if you put two and two together.

People love being ignorant and like having things spoonfed to them. That's why Transformers makes tons of money and it has basicially no plot. Explosions are used to get your ADD focused on those instead of focusing on "what's the end game here"? "What are they doing"?

Marvel wasn't really foreshadowing Thanos in every film. They were pushing him back and hyping him up so they can get more money by making you want to watch the other films hoping you'll get more information on him. The funny thing is here, is if Captain America Civil War suffers from having too many characters, no one will complain about it. Because people are so used to the way Disney Marvel does things that they get free passes with any mistake in their cinematic universe.

The Hulk's forced relationship with Black Widow was one of the worst things about AoU. It made more sense for Black Widow to end up with Steve Rodgers due to how their on screen chemistry was in Winter Solider, but I guess they decided to make their romance a plot device to attempt to make Mark Ruffalo's awful Hulk appear more interesting.

They kill Quicksilver the same movie he's introduced in, and make Ultron a weak villain. The best thing to come out of AoU tbh, was Hawkeye's character development.

I never said BvS was perfect, but I won't say it's garbage, because I understand what the film was trying to do, and understand most of the things that were present in the movie.

I like the fact that all the Darkseid references in the movie, and the way they did Flash makes you want to read more comics anticipating what the future of the DC Cinematic universe may hold, rather than having some teaser at the end of the movie telling me there's going to be a better movie in 7 months.

The 10th Rider1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I haven't liked a marvel movie since iron man. I also am well aware of the DC extended universe. I still don't like Batman v Superman. It's a terribly written movie with a lot of tone and style to it. People don't dislike it because they don't get it, people don't dislike it because they don't know comic books, people dislike it because it's terribly written.

Batman v Superman's issue wasn't the number of characters, I really haven't seen that complaint anywhere. And it's funny you bring up quicksilver's death as they just killed off Superman, one of the two most important characters in the entire DC universe, just two movies in.

Also, the point of the ending of inception is that he no longer cares if he's in a dream or not. He spins the top and it's left up to the viewer's discretion whether he's dreaming or not, but he walks away. He's happy and at peace.

ReelKid1796d ago

' I didn't like it because I didn't understand it.
I wanted it to be more like a Marvel superhero film, and didn't like the fact that it used a bunch of themes from other continuities I didn't know of, I didn't understand the foreshadowing, symbolism, as I'm not familiar with the extended DC universe, and it's crap because it wasn't the dumbed down film I wanted it to be.

Your reply in a nutshell.'

C'mon dude, I love my DC comics but BvS wasn't an intelligently constructed film. No one is struggling with the story and themes here, it doesn't take a genius to understand that. The problem is that everything was poorly executed and it couldn't be more apparent that this was just a massive rush job to get the justic league film out as soon as possible.

acemonkey1797d ago

not really what 80% drop i would like to see the what it made this weekend.... Ive seen the IMDB and rotten scores lower ( from fans) and dont say its all marvel haters or zack synder haters

crazychris41241797d ago

Wonder woman should of had her own movie first. I don't know where she comes from and what her powers are. Lex Luthor's motives should have been explained. We know why Batman hates superman but Idk why lex hates the both of them. Maybe the directors cut will make the movie better. We have seen it before with movies like kingdom of heaven.

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