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Batman v Superman - Stephan v Doug in a Violent and Gritty Love/Hate Head-to-Head

COG writes - Push comes to shove and two of our most outspoken writers go head-to-head in a no holds barred match up over Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Buckle up.

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MRBIGCAT1793d ago

I still need to watch this but I just don't know. The negatives are outweighing the positives by a landslide.

SmielmaN1792d ago

I just saw it tonight. The movie is fantastic. A couple things going into it for ppl who haven't seen it: it's not kid friendly and research PTSD and imagine how that could relate to someone like, say, Bruce Wayne. A lot of complaints are about it being too dark and too much going on. I agree that there's a heck of a lot of story going on but the dark part is perfect to represent this batman.

I was stunned ppl have had so much hate for it after watching it today. I thought it was fantastic.

Nitrowolf21792d ago

I almost feel asleep. Movie was alright, but there's so much going on and I don't really blame it's director tbh because majority of th3 scenes are good, it's just so confusing because the movie was intended to be man of Steel 2 and then last min changes came in so they scrapped parts and added batman scenes

Kal-V31792d ago

I just saw it yesterday and it is awesome. I really don't get why all the hate, but then again i formed my own opinion on it. If that's the case, play it safe. go Saturday morning matinee for like $7 and see for yourself.

I think there is alot of mob mentality reviewing when it comes to this movie. "Everyone hates it so i have to hate it too" kinda thing. While it's not perfect (what movie is?) definitely not worth all this hate.

Digital_Anomaly1793d ago

Still not entirely sure which side of the fence I fall on here. I had some strong likes and dislikes and this is from an avid comic book fan who is very familiar with the source material.

I do wonder what the Average Joe thoughts are on BvS though? Without the strong character/story familiarity they have to look at it differently from those of us who do.

SniperControl1792d ago

I havent seen it yet, but did they change much of the Batman folklore?. The Nolan movies were kinda ruined for me because of all the changes, League of Assassins/League of Shadows, Bain being created by the League of Shadows, Batman going out in daylight, the third movie was a complete farce in my opinion.

I wouldn't say i was a Batman expert by any means, but i know a little more about Batman lore than the average Joe, so eager to know if they stuck more to the comics or has this Batman been "Hollywooded".

Nitrowolf21792d ago

I think they nailed batman this time around. Only complaint you'll have, and spoilers, he uses a gun

SniperControl1792d ago


He used a gun in the early comics, so that's not a issue for me.

DynoMiteLaserCat1792d ago

Affleck definitely deserves the praise coming his way for Wayne/Batman. The broodiness of that character is absolutely spot on and fitting. Some are saying he's better than Bale too, which is lofty praise!

I don't agree with all the vilification of Cavill though either. He played that role the way it was supposed to be played. Not quite the same star turn as Affleck but the scenes with him in cuffs for example, perfectly portray the god among men who doesn't see fit to abuse the laws of his adopted home. A god among men who respects the people he's sworn to protect despite their hatred towards him. I thought he did a fantastic job.

darren_poolies1792d ago

I watched it with two of my flatmates who don't read comics or know much at all about Batman & Superman and they both absolutely loved it so.

TheSaint1792d ago

It's not on Marvels level. Not even close.

They forced too much into it, it should have just been Bats V Supes.

Then they could have done Doomsday with them both and Wonder Woman.

Summons751792d ago

I agree, my biggest problem is that they marketed Batman vs Superman but decided to do death of superman instead. The movie was a mess on many different levels. Like a friend said, the best character in the movie was Aquaman because he saw them trying to film him for this terrible movie and he swam the f**k away.