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Why Warner Bros. Should Fast Track Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie


When it was announced in 2013 that Ben Affleck would portray the next big screen Dark Knight in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Internet (putting it mildly) went into a frenzy. The casting was the first of many controversies the film would go on to generate, with many fans concerned that Affleck was the wrong choice. After all, he had tried to play a superhero once in Daredevil, and that didn’t turn out so well. From the beginning we believed the Oscar winner could work in the role, but for a while Affleck’s involvement remained a point of contention among comic book aficionados.

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WizzroSupreme1798d ago

They will if they like money. Maybe then we can finally get The Dark Knight Returns people wanted beyond just five minutes of Batman fighting Superman.

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SmielmaN1796d ago

I just saw it tonight. The movie is fantastic. A couple things going into it for ppl who haven't seen it: it's not kid friendly and research PTSD and imagine how that could relate to someone like, say, Bruce Wayne. A lot of complaints are about it being too dark and too much going on. I agree that there's a heck of a lot of story going on but the dark part is perfect to represent this batman.

I was stunned ppl have had so much hate for it after watching it today. I thought it was fantastic.

The 10th Rider1795d ago

I would love to hear about how this movie ties in with PTSD, because I've studied psychology and trying to tie the movie into PTSD is about the most ridiculous attempt to defend the it I've seen yet.

SmielmaN1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

If you studied psychology and can't see how Bruce Wayne having repeated nightmares about his family being murdered then Superman murdering everyone can be an effect of PTSD then I'm afraid you failed that portion of class son. This is a 20 year in Batman who's seen his fair share of crazy/traumatic events. They even show that he keeps the Robin suit even though he was murdered and defiled. This is obsession and definitely could result in PTSD, which imo it has in Bruce Wayne.

Take it from someone who's recovered from PTSD and works with ppl who have it. Nightmares, paranoia, obsession over controling thing and the internal stress when you can't are all huge signs of PTSD. Your comment about mine being ridiculous is completely ignorant. I hope you currently don't treat anyone as your studies simply weren't good enough, apparently.

Good day.

The 10th Rider1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

For your information I have suffered from mental illness myself. I have worked and do work with people with PTSD. I often see people try to pass bad writing off as some sort of PTSD or other things like that. Simple put, they either didn't intend for him to have PTSD or don't understand it. Don't try to use PTSD as an excuse for bad writing.

Heck, iron man 3 tried to use PTSD and panic attacks and that turned out to be a total joke.

Averyashimself1790d ago

Batman has been fighting crime for twenty years, along with losing his parents and a lot of others in his story line. And it truly does make him paranoid about Superman, while he is experiencing other symptoms of ptsd. How is that so hard to relate? You didn't study Psychology that long did you?

The 10th Rider1789d ago


So let me get this straight? Everything Bruce Wayne goes through finally catches up with him, and he develops PTSD, a debilitating mental illness, which inspires him to try and kill Superman?

Sorry, that's not how mental illness works.

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Pillsbury11796d ago

I was blown away as to how good this version of batman is probably one of my favorite film batmans. He was ruthless, cunning and just plain bad ass.

cleft51795d ago

Yeah I really enjoyed this Batman. Ben Affleck did a great job projecting a Batman that has been throw hell and has changed because of it.

DillyDilly1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Fire Snyder & his team

Delay Justice League

Fast track Batman for after Wonder Woman

Continue on with Aquaman & Green Lantern Corps

Turn Cyborg into a Teen Titans movie

Let Kevin Smith direct a Man Of Steel solo sequel & bring him back there as Superman needs someone that gives a damn about Superman

Bring TV The Flash into the movies as the movies can easily just be another Earth

Justice League after all of this would be fine

Fin_The_Human1795d ago

The Teen Titan movie sounds good and would be a hit since the Cartoon Network series is so popular.

I am glad you did mention Aqua Man...not sure what WB is thinking but that movie will flop hard.

1795d ago
Fin_The_Human1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Not close minded at all man...just a logical thinker.

Ant Man barely broke even at the box office and I am sure you won't see a sequal any time soon.

80% of the Super Hero movies audience's are kids and parents who take kids to watch the movie...hell even Dead Pool was packed with kids.

With that said, go ask kids who Aqua Man is and they will probably reference Spoonge Bob cause they have no clue who he is and this will be one of the reasons why it will fail.

Also, the actor who is playing Aqua Man is not a huge celebrity and apart from Game of Thrones fans, no one knows who he me, by adding a big celebrity to your movie pulls in sales.

To make a long story short, Aqua Man is a side character at best and even then his powers are taken as joke by die hard DC fans.

The 10th Rider1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Yeah, dude. Marvel has a lot of momentum going forwards with all of their movies. They also have a lot of big names behind their movies. Paul Rudd drew a lot of interest from a lot of people. I for one would have gone to see it day 1 if Edgar Wright was given the chance to finish his version. As of now, Aquaman has no big names attached, on top of being a commonly made fun of superhero, and on top of the DC universe getting off to a clunky start. Saying it will flop might be a bit harsh, it might be okay, but it's hardly going to be a major success with how things are going.


I agree with everything you said except for the last two. Kevin Smith shouldn't be allowed to direct anything, even if he's a fan and you like his movies, he doesn't have enough experience to handle such a huge blockbuster.

Other than that, the Flash show is already setting up its own universe, to try and mix the two would be difficult, to say the least. Suddenly for them to use Batman at all in the TV show, they'd have to get Ben Affleck, which would be difficult. It'd be limiting to both parties.

They need to get someone like Peter Jackson, George Miller, or Del Toro on board to handle the universe.

Peter Jackson would be my top pick, has a handle for mature movies, enjoys using practical effects, lots of experience handling sprawling epics, Weta Workshop could be used for costume design and everything, get Andy Serkis on board for Motion capture . . . Seriously, it'd be far better than the piece of trash we got.

DillyDilly1795d ago

No one knows who Henry is either based on his NYC video wearing the Superman suit lol Ben could walk around NYC wearing a Batman shirt & people would know who he is & the Aquaman guy also has a big fan base from the Stargate days & not just Game Of Thrones hes well enough known

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