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Jesse Eisenberg Says he Doesn't Know if his Lex Luthor Will be Back for Another Movie


Warning: spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” may have answered those who wondered whether it had the stuff to open to huge box-office numbers, but the movie itself still left us with a lot of questions.

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dauntingpixel1803d ago

i think that would be a real shame to miss out on the opportunity to bring this classic bad guy into a more expanded role.

RetrospectRealm1803d ago

99% chance he signed a multiple film contract. So he'd kind of have to.

dauntingpixel1803d ago

i sure hope he did but not for just tiny roles. i want to see the true genius of lex at play. maybe we will..perhaps that deleted scene that came out the other day is just part of his mad genius.

DragoonsScaleLegends1802d ago

It's funny no one realized that this is actually Lex Luthors son lol.

dauntingpixel1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

you know something I did pick up on that but i couldn't remember what Lex's dad's name was and now it just dawned on me that it was "Lionel" at least according to smallville... was lex really alexander the 2nd in the comics?

The 10th Rider1800d ago

Why would it matter? It'd still be a stupid take. Lex Luthor would be 50+ and Clark Kent is just starting out as Superman? That's not much better. Not to mention there's no mentions of him anywhere.

dota2champion1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

In my opinion, Lex is a lame villain. what exactly would he do in the DC universe? They shouldn't bring him back.

dauntingpixel1802d ago

he's diabolical. the beauty of lex is that he's extremely intelligent and manipulative. much like batman, he has no superpowers. just money and brains.

gangsta_red1803d ago

They nailed the casting except for this guy which is a shame, because I think he's a good actor.

But it would have been great to see him bring his Zuckerberg pompous a*hole demeanor to Lex instead of that wild spastic joker impression he did.

Stringerbell1803d ago

He would have made a good Riddler imo.

gangsta_red1803d ago

Hell Yea!

Gawd damn, thinking back he would have been the perfect Riddler. We need a DC movie reboot!

UltraNova1802d ago

We seldom agree except for this version of Lex. He was awful...I hope Snyder listens to us and axes him from the next movie.

Summons751802d ago

Good, please don't come back. Worst Lex ever, your horribly fake twitch and ranting on about "America's biggest lie" was just about as annoying as you basically screaming from the rooftops that Darksied is the villain for the JL movie. But I suppose if we are going to have a Superman that is okay with killing and pretends like he does nothing wrong then we can also have the polar opposite of Lex as well. Goes to show how bad the movie was if directors of the other DCCU movies are course correcting and now actors don't even want to come back.

spicelicka1802d ago

The worst was the at the end, they tried SO hard to make him seem psychotic, it worked in the beginning but by the end it was just cringe-worthy.

MilkMan1802d ago

It's a roll that needs to be recast. They'll pay him off and hire mark strong.

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The story is too old to be commented.