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You’re All Wrong: The State Of Modern Superhero Films

COG writes - Batman v Superman has divided many fans of superhero films. Stephan makes his campaign not only as to why BvS is a good film, but why we should expect more than just fun and action out of a great hero flick.

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Paulhammer1794d ago

Can't confirm or deny any of this until I see the offending movie, but when I hear people with good movie taste saying they laughed out loud at the dramatic climax... I'm scared

Nitrowolf21794d ago

I nearly feel asleep during the film. It was okay, but you can clearly tell that this movie is just man of Steel 2 missing parts and then mashed up with the new plot they decided to do to bring the justice League into it some how. I think that's is huge issye, it literally feels like you are watching completely different movies in certain sections

Digital_Anomaly1794d ago

Yeah this movie is about as divisive as any I've seen in recent years.

The yes side is really challenging the idea that action and comedy should come second to the drama and character development, if not the fact that you need to go deeper than just what you see on the screen. I can't say I disagree with that sentiment, however all the drama in the world can't save it if it's simply bad.

I'm finally seeing it this weekend so I can properly weigh in. I'm not the type to judge prematurely so I'll go in open-minded at least.

gangsta_red1794d ago

The problem is this movie doesn't establish any character development and the drama is forced and contrived.

But go see it just because and then tell us what you think.

Porcelain_Chicken1794d ago

My biggest problem with the movie. Every character was laid out and established but not developed. Here's Wonder Woman. She's amazing, sword, shield, mysterious but that's kind of as far as that went. Superman was sadly the one they dropped the ball on the most. I feel like he barely talked. :/

gangsta_red1794d ago

It was definitely obvious WW was shoehorned in at the request of some top level execs. Her whole reason and story for being in the movie made no sense.

"Superman was sadly the one they dropped the ball on the most."

This is the most tragic part of the movie. I felt MoS spent most of it's time having Superman/Clark mope about, that it never had the chance to actually explore his personality. I was hoping BvS would give him more character for the new universe and we got none of that.

Instead we got more moping, emo Superman. I really wish Superman had some scenes where they showed him in action the same way they did for Batman.

b163o11794d ago

I haven't seen the movie, but I keep seeing people stress that the characters weren't developed? And I don't understand why BM or SM need to be developed? There bigger then any Marvel character, if you good anywhere with eithers symbol people are gonna know exactly what your referring to. Marvel has recognizable characters but before the Avengers they had to explain Thor's story, Hawkeye story, for audiences to really understand how they got together to form The Avengers. Marvel has done a excellent job bringing in these characters, and making great movies. DC is in a better position cause they don't have to have everyone have there own stand alone movies for them to release JL. Only characters that would need there own standalone movies would be Cyborg, and WW, but WW movie will be out before JL. DC has a great opportunity to do this right, BvS has flaws but so did a few Marvel flix...

hirobrotagonist1794d ago

They laid out and established the characters as much as they could in a single movie. The movie isn't responsible for completely establishing the characters since it's not a one off film.

Fantastic movie, I really loved it

WelkinCole1794d ago

BvS was not a superhero origin story. Both main characters everyone already know their origin story. How many Batman and Superman movies do you people need to know their origin story?.

There was no point in showing it again.

Wonder Woman is but she has a whole movie to herself that is coming up soon.

As for character dev. So you guys didn't see the huge internal struggle that both characters where going through?.

Compare to other superhero movies BvS is way more fleshed out instead of the usual.

gangsta_red1793d ago


"How many Batman and Superman movies do you people need to know their origin story?"

That's why we were treated to two dream Batman origin stories PLUS a flashback of his parents death right? One was even the very beginning of the film. Seriously, did you even watch this movie?

"So you guys didn't see the huge internal struggle that both characters where going through?"

Lmao, exactly what internal struggle Cole?

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MercilessDMercer1794d ago

You can't say you want story first and while praising BvS for its depth as it didn't have any while simultaneously giving Amazing Spider-Man 2 love... Those are contradictory statements.
I appreciate what you're trying to get at, I just think you're way off the mark here.

frelyler1794d ago

Existential musings, what does it mean to be a God, how would a world receive you. Would the good guys see a living God as good? What to you is the definition of deep? Those questions I laid out above are all ideas tackled in this movie and in my personal opinion I consider them deep. So I ask again, what is deep to you and how does that definiton not fit with the above ideas?

spicelicka1794d ago

Those questions were all introduced, but in my opinion they weren't tackled. The first half of the movie did a great job bringing them up and I was really impressed by that, but the second half of the movie just threw everything away. It backtracked and turned into a mindless action flick.

shabz6661794d ago

I think questions like that were added to just make the cool scene of Superman Jesus levitating over the flooded house. Honestly none of these super deep questions were ever explored. It was just there for the sake of it. Coz at some point I really believe that Zack Snyder thinks of the shot and angle and makes a movie around em. Dont get me wrong. Amazing shots. Jumbled up mess of a connection between them

gangsta_red1794d ago

All those questions were laid out and then all those questions were dropped for a big Hollywood action battle at the end.

You have to do more than just force feed an audience contrived ideas, beat them over the head with is Superman God, pretend you're making a "smart" movie, then drop everything you were trying to say to wrap it all up for the final.

By the way all those questions have been tackled and handled very well in the actual Superman comic.

generalwinter1794d ago

I just find myself that superhero movies are so "realistic" now and dark - ie. the hero gets arrested for damaging property, etc. It's just not fun to watch them any more.

mamotte1794d ago

Hummm... this is a strange line between what we wish it should be, and what it is. When I think about a hero I don't think about a trascendental plot that will make me think, superhero movies are what are called "popcorn movies". Of course it'll be about a hero defeating a villain, what else can it be? Most of the trailers are sincere in their intentions, adn we know what we'll be seeing in the cinema. When we're there all that matters is thet's the story they tell, as simple as it can be, is well told. Mad Max: Fury Road is basically a two hour long race; nothing more, nothing less. Pacific Rim were about giant robots fighting giant monsters.

Problem arise where we start to think that "modern super hero films" should be deeper and smart for no reason. All people want to do is get into a dark room and spend two hours seeing a movie that, while forgettable, will work for that time lapse. BvS was boring and the script and direction were terrible, despite it trying to be "deep".

I'm not saying that smart hero movies like Watchmen are bad. I'm just saying that... come on. Just see the trailer. You can't get deceived. Mindless non sense fun. That's what super heros are about.

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