Kelly Marie Tran Is The “New Lead” Of Star Wars Episode 8, According To John Boyega


Information is thin on the ground for Star Wars Episode VIII. There’s a few leaked set photos and the cast are able to say that the script and Rian Johnson are great, but that’s really the end of it. I myself have had conversations with several people linked to Lucasfilm and the production in the last couple of months, but their lips were sealed tighter than a Death Star blast door. Well, now we have something!

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WizzroSupreme1321d ago

Way to go for new talent, Hollywood.

StarWarsFan1318d ago

New lead? Is Ridley not going returning or something?

MasterD9191317d ago

Ehhh...another female lead? I would rather they finish Daisy Ridley's story and not introduce someone who fans probably won't care nearly half about as her.

madjedi1310d ago

That is funny, because she is the least interesting major character in the new series thus far.

MasterD9191309d ago

I see your point and agree to an extent, but my point was more along the lines of why bother with another story when we're already establishing Rey's. Plus, who is this woman? lol She was on CollegeHumor...why on earth would she be in a Star Wars film?

1310d ago