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Box Office: Batman v Superman Officially Hits $500 Million After Just 5 Days Of Release


Following another record breaking couple of days, Zack Snyder's superhero smackdown has soared past the $500M global milestone, and should hit the $200M domestic mark today. So much for critics, eh?

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dauntingpixel1796d ago

this is great. printing money.

Aldous_Snow1796d ago

Wish I could make 500 mill in 5 days :(

Hold_It1795d ago

Now, if only it can hit 800M to be safe and considered a profit. I can't wait to see it happen, so I know that the future is secured for this new and exciting DC movie universe.

dota2champion1795d ago

Dawn of Justice have the largest opening for a superhero film. it'll surpassed $800 million, securing it's future to compete with marvel and century fox

Qrphe1795d ago

It's already made more money than other any of the Avengers movies day by day.

Deadpoolio1795d ago

You do know that both Avengers movies got close to 2 BILLION dollars each right? BILLION

Qrphe1794d ago

@at above
I said "day by day"

2pacalypsenow1795d ago

Based on Wikipedia the movie had a budget of 250 million.

SmielmaN1795d ago

Budget was about 250 million. Seems that they are making great profit at this point. It will touch 1 billion. I haven't seen it yet but going this week :)

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gangsta_red1795d ago

I can only imagine how much more it would have made if it was actually a good movie.

Hold_It1795d ago

For what they tried to do with it and the amount of things it had going on in the film, it wasn't THAT BAD. I mean, one could say any movie could be better than what it was, and everything has flaws.

But for this having Batman and Superman fight each other, and have Wonder Woman, and tease and lay the foundation for the other DC heroes to come, I think it did a decent job. Not an amazing job, but not a horrendous job.

I think it was an 8/10 for what they were doing, and how it turned out. I could understand someone saying it's a 7/10, but I can't understand a 5/10 and below. It was not worse than the original Daredevil, Thor 1, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Iron Man 2, Green Lantern, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Elektra, and The Hulk.

We also have to remember that Marvel has had a LONG time to position their cinematic universe the way they have, and even when Nolan was at the helm, DC was still playing catchup. If you didn't like the movie, please share what your criticisms were in a civilized manner rather than just being like the majority and saying "It's shit", and providing no reason or thought for why.

It's hard to converse about anything on the internet, and this is a film that I would like to talk about with others, and feel like will be talked about for awhile.

gangsta_red1795d ago

That's the problem though. Marvel took their time, DC didn't and it shows. That shouldn't be an excuse or a free pass for making such a horrible movie like BvS.

Any movie could be better but this movie was the worse and SHOULD have been better.

The movie was a 6/10 and the only reason it's not a 5 is because the only thing it manages to get right was the Batman scenes.

You may think it wasn't worse than those films mentioned but I can say that it's right there standing right along side with them competing for the most inept, convoluted and contrived movie watching ever.

I believe I have stated my problems with the movie in another thread but I'll break down some of my main points now.


First and foremost the plot made no sense. Lex and Batman want to kill Superman and yet instead of Lex teaming up with Batman (which by the way he knows his secret identity) he instead comes up with a plan to have Batman fight Superman that takes 2 years to hatch. Terrible.

Why does Superman hate Batman? For his methods? Even though Superman broke Zod's neck in Man of Steel. Makes no sense and the movie did a poor job at setting Superman's reason for not liking Batman.

The movie did an excellent job setting up how bad ass Batman was with scene after scene of Batman doing Batman things. Batmobile actions scene, Bruce Wayne detective scene, Batman fighting thugs in one of the best Batman movie scene I have seen and yet this movie did none of that for Superman. All it did was beat the "Superman is God" debate into the audiences head which then brings me to this...

All that controversy and debate is never resolved and thrown out the window the minute Doomsday shows up. They literally spent an entire movie setting that up and then dropped it all for the last scene.

The death of the man of steel was not earned. Going by the movies only, Superman has not earned why a world would be mourning his loss. Especially when BvS set up so many scenes of people actually hating Superman. BvS literally had one last scene of the public views of Superman burning effigies of him and protesting him to go home, next scene of the public are them mourning him?? Make NO sense, horrible movie telling.

Superman can hear Lois across the world and save her in an instant...but can't hear his mother getting kidnapped.

I can seriously go on and on, scene by scene. For a movie that first introduces Batman and Superman sharing the same space together it needed to be more coherent, more epic and less of WB shoehorning and shoving in other JL members. It should have been on par with Heat.

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