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TVF The Flash Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Flash Back

Barry doesn't always make the best decisions.

And despite the probability he would do it right, Barry wanted to go back in time on The Flash Season 2 Episode 17 to get the speed equation he needed to become enough to catch Zoom.

Lo and behold, Barry went back in time, managed to screw up quite a few things, but also got a fair amount right.

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alycakes1799d ago

This week was a little weak but at least he got something out of the old Wells. The only thing to worry about is what did the old Wells do to the information to hurt Barry?

neoragex1798d ago

After watching the Supergirl crossover episode, this episode showed why The Flash is so much better! Supergirl's writing sucked (minus the CW line) was super campy and production sucked! I binged watched the 1st season and this season is getting awesome!

alycakes1798d ago

Yes I thought the first season was a little slow in getting started and even dull at times but once it picked up it's pace and it's storyline it got very good. This season is really a lot better.