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Jennifer Lawrence is “Dying to Come Back” for More X-Men Films


Back in March last year, rumblings came that Jennifer Lawrence – who has played X-Men anti-hero Mystique since 2011’s X-Men: First Class – was ready to leave the shape-shifting role. J-Law, it was heavily implied, was to become an Ex-Man. X-Men: Apocalypse was her “last one, sadly”, she admitted in an interview.

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-Foxtrot1796d ago

No thanks. I don't want to see it being Mystique and the X-Men

Leave this Universe behind, separate Deadpool and make a new X-Men Universe continuing on from that

aDDicteD1795d ago

i liked xmen first class and days of the future past but after watching deadpool and seeing what they can do with the xmen in that film which stays true to the comics, I wouldn't mind seeing an xmen movie which is set on that universe and seeing the xmen actually wearing their REAL costumes.

-Foxtrot1795d ago

Yeah no matter how they try and spin it, new timeline or not they can't say Deadpool is in the same Universe. They are just too different

Hroach6161795d ago

Yeah now after apocalypse would be a good time to reboot the series in the Deadpool universe. Obviously not R rated. But with new casts and tone. Closer to deadpool shuts not hard R.

Hugh Jackmans gone after this and wolverine anyway. Good a time as any to start this whole thing off again on better footing. And I say that enjoying days of future past. First class I like on the first viewing. But the rest I only enjoyed the magneto parts and Xavier.

-Foxtrot1795d ago

It's a shame but it looks like they want to f*** up the X-Men more by doing a New Mutants film

aDDicteD1795d ago

Jennifer lawrence is a great actress and she elevated mystique to a whole new level but I think in my opinion if she continues to be on the next xmen movies she will just over shadow the performance of other major characters such as cyclops, storm, jean, etc.

Hold_It1795d ago

She's a terrible Mystique. She's literally playing Katniss Everdeen in a blue suit.

Aldous_Snow1795d ago

Blue suit or not... I still would

freshslicepizza1795d ago

i enjoyed seeing rebecca stamos better. jennifer lawrence will be back but only if they pay her enough. she already admitted that it's about the money.

Hroach6161795d ago

You have disagrees for a reason

dota2champion1795d ago

No. We don't need her taking the spotlight! Her character Mystique isn't even part of the X-Men. They just need to focus on the Cylops, and rest of the main X-Men Characters.

Hroach6161795d ago

Fuuuuuuuuck I hope not. She's been ruining these movies for me. The character is hardly in her true form. For a character all about not having to hide who she really is she like to look normal 90% of the time.

Plus she's not supposed to be the focus of these movies yet she's arguably a bigger role then Xavier and Magneto. So stupid.

The only true mystique is Rebecca Romijn. She nailed every aspect of the character and wore the makeup with class.

StarWarsFan1795d ago

Well, she does have a little more time on her hands with The Hunger Games over.