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At Least Zack Snyder Knows Batman Is Deranged


Batman is a violent psychopath. He’s shot villains in their sleep and starved someone to death. The idea that he doesn’t kill his opponents is a fairy tale cooked up by Cold War–era pitchfork wielders. In 1954, the Comics Code Authority was formed to censor depictions of sex, gore, and violence in comic books. While horror titles like Tales From the Crypt and The Vault of Horror bore the brunt of censorship, Gotham City fell under the chilly hand of the CCA as well.

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WizzroSupreme1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Of course he is. As someone who watched their parents die in the gutter, Bruce grew up with more than just anger issues as a billionaire with money burning a hole in his soul. And with Jason Todd's death and events like The Killing Joke, there's undoubtedly a point where Batman would be driven to kill just like he did in The Dark Knight Returns.

He wouldn't ever pick up a gun, though. And that's not just because of some reverence for the weapon that killed his parents, but because they're clumsy and imprecise. Stray bullets can kill innocents and at least Frank Miller understood early in his career that a grizzled, veteran Batman wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who deserved it, but he'd only wield a weapon he could control: his own two hands. I swear, Zack Snyder barely reads any of the source material he adapts and allegedly loves.

Nitrowolf21798d ago

Um, sorry but golden age batman constantly used guns.
You can argue that it doesn't count because batman wasn't truly formed yet as the character he is today, but again even in Nolan movies his vehicles were equipped with live bullets and even used, people just forget that those guys died. Nearly every live action batman movie he kills