The Good and the Bad of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Richard of writes "A full and proper review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is forthcoming from my friend and fellow Pop Cults associate Chastity Irizarry, but I wanted to touch on a few points here that I simply cannot keep quiet about. So I apologize to Chastity in advance if I happen to step on any points that she will be touching on in her review, but I cannot stay quiet any more."

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KingPin1302d ago

this movie wasnt bad, it was just all over the place.
the action was good, story telling not so much. had they structured it better, they could have improved the sorytelling.

but i dont know whats worse, people complaining about Jesse Eisenberg or them not knowing that jesse wasnt lex luthor but his son, alexander luthor. either way...jesse needs to change that character. maybe they can still do it and just have the explanation that "prison changed him".

im surprised that the two things people complained about the most before the movie happen to be the best things about the movie. that is ben affleck as batman and gal gadot and wonder woman. they really owned the roles i feel.

Scrivlar1301d ago

I haven't seen it yet, I think I'm going tomorrow. But I didn't know it was Lex Luthor's son, that sounds kind of poor, Maybe it would've benefited from having Lex instead? I'll find out tomorrow I guess..I knew Affleck would do well, It's a shame the film isn't getting great praise though.

The 10th Rider1301d ago

I'd be just as ticked off if he's supposed to be Lex Luthor's son . . . So what? Superman just entered the public eye and the actual Lex Luthor is well over 50 (Jessie Eisenberg's character is 31)? Great way to limit the most important Superman villain in the entire DC universe.

blacktiger1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

lol!!!!!!! Lex Luthor's real name is Alexander Luthor short form Lex Luthor. Alexander Luthor's son name is Alexander Luthor jr.

At least that's what I learned. Also keep in mind, Bruce Wayne is way older than Lex Luthor.

1301d ago
gangsta_red1301d ago

I don't know why people seem to think that just because Jesse's Lex kept mentioning his father that somehow he was the son of the original Luthor.

Lex is short for Alexander, even in the comic this is true. So Jesse was Lex Luthor not some off spring of the original that we have seen in other media.

1301d ago
KingPin1301d ago

if you pay close attention in the movie JE talks about his father, how he created the company LexCorp and how his father was brought up in Germany in slums by a poor family. How people missed Jesse Eisnberg literally saying that is father created LexCorp and then laying out his origin story is beyond me.

gangsta_red1300d ago

Good lord, Lionel Luthor was created specifically for the Smallville show and is not canon to the actual comic.

In the comic his original name is Jules, it is then ret-conned to Lionel after the Smallville show and guess what, Lionel never created Lex Corp and was a drunk who beat Lex Luthor JUST like Lex hints at in the movie!

"How people missed Jesse Eisnberg literally saying that is father created LexCorp"

So how does that even remotely make you think that this Lex is somehow not the original Lex that hates Superman but somehow the son of the original Luthor we all know from comics and the animated show?

That makes even less sense.

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Trilithon1301d ago

Its a shame they cant make a good movie with 250 million USD

cell9891301d ago

yet Ryan Reynolds did it with only 58 million smh.....

Trilithon1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )


edit - and FOX tried to stop him at first, telling him it was a waste of money

dota2champion1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

But they did make a good movie and it grossed over $500 million world wide, making it the biggest opening for a superhero film

1301d ago
spicelicka1301d ago

I have yet to see a single well done superhero movie, as far as story goes. The only one that's done it right is Dark knight.

I don't understand why there's always monumental amount of hype on everything superhero related. I find there's always an inherent limitation with the genre. You know the Superhero will never die, you know there will be an origin story for the hero and the villain, then the something will go awry to turn the villain evil. There will be a classic face off with unnecessary destruction, and the villain will lose. The end.

I liked that Batman vs. Superman was taking an interesting route with civilian casualties, and what happens in the collateral damage when superheroes fight, but then it just threw all that down the drain.

There are just so many better subjects, even within the comic book realm, that would be amazing with such a budget. I guess it also comes down to the audience, they'll always make things that appeal to everyone.