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Bridging Batman V Superman’s ‘Fans vs. Critics’ Divide


The lifting of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s review embargo last week, followed a couple of days later by the film’s general release, has thrown the moviegoing world into turmoil. Zack Snyder’s two and a half hour long superhero epic currently holds a rating of just 29% on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, but has seen serious success at the box office with a staggering $424 million opening weekend (thanks in part to the movie’s day-and-date global release). Moreover, as fans flocked to the theaters it soon emerged that this was not a clear-cut case of a bad movie being review-proof, as might be argued for the Transformers franchise. Batman V Superman has divided opinion like few other movies in recent memory, with those who loved it left wondering if perhaps they saw a completely different movie from those who hated it (and vice versa). Even some members of the Justice League have waded into the fray.

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WizzroSupreme1796d ago

The fact that Warner Bros held a separate, free fan preview of the film leaves little doubt why there was such initial hype for the film beforehand. Now that the general public's seeing it, it's all changed.