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The Walking Dead First Look: Negan and Lucille Are Coming

That face. Those lips.

They ordinarily ooze sex, but this time around, when we finally see Jeffrey Dean Morgan's beautiful everything, It's bringing hell along with him, no just by way of his reputation, but with his trusty bat, Lucille. If her name is as well known as his, we should be worried.

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alycakes1804d ago

I'm really worried about this. I love JDM but I'm not going to love him playing this part which I'm sure he's going to do an awesome job.

RetrospectRealm1804d ago

Why wouldn't you love him? He's been great in everything I've seen him in so far.

alycakes1804d ago

That's just it, I do love him. I love him a lot. He is the most gorgeous man....he's got he prettiest teeth and the most beautiful smile and that twinkle in his eyes....but I don't want to see him be a villain.....get it??

SarcasticDuck1804d ago

don't get wet girl! Geez, and men are freaks who only think on women as boobs and butt?? At least we can separate the beauty of the actress from her role and talent!

Griever1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Man, I love the show but I am put off by the fact that it has become an eternal soap opera. We have already been watching for 6 years and there is still no plan to resolve the story and end the series. The comics just keep on going and going and going. Now they will spend two seasons on Negan. AFter two years we will finally reach the Whisperer arc and then there will be some new villain. There are no plans to find a cure or cause of the epidemic. There are no plans for how the story ends. I just cannot bring myself to watch it anymore when there is no end to it.

ExoPaul1803d ago

There is an end, the creator has said there is planned to be a happy, satisfying ending, but while it is raking in the money they are not intending to go there yet. I just fear that the actors themselves will bail out before the natural conclusion which could mean the story takes a totally different turn on the TV than to the comic book.

xander707691803d ago

ehhh, I mean really big/popular shows usually last quite a few seasons. Even though this is ABC and not like HBO or showtime, I could easily see this show going 12 seasons, just because of how good it is and how much money it is raking in.

Aldous_Snow1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Really looking forward to this. Bet he just comes out of nowhere during a big fight and all you see is lucille buried in someones head, then the camera pans out and you see him smiling... I dunno but bloody exciting

aDDicteD1802d ago

Im really looking forward to this because I know for a fact theres a only slight chance that they will follow what happens in the comics and for sure that they will alter it. they will change a certain scene just like what they did with the governor. i'm just looking forward that the show will somehow pull it off by the end of the season finale.