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Revised Batman V Superman Box Office Number: $166.1 Million Opening Weekend

SR: It’s no secret that Warner Bros. had a lot riding on the success of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Positioned as the true beginning for the studio’s DC Extended Universe franchise, the film was the first of several adaptations that would hit theaters between now and 2020. If this was to become their tentpole for years to come, Batman V Superman needed to be a massive commercial hit so things got off on the right foot.

Despite the decidedly mixed word-of-mouth Dawn of Justice inspired (read our review), it had no problems drawing in large crowds sold on the notion of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all appearing in the same live-action production. Batman V Superman ended up surpassing the lofty expectations set for it, bringing in an estimated $170.1 million during its first three days domestically. However, the actuals are now in, and Snyder’s latest film remains a record-breaker even with less money earned.

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