The Walking Dead "East" Review - Screen Rant

SR: There is a big event coming to The Walking Dead that has dominated much of the conversation around season 6. Even while the early episodes were stuck dealing with lackluster hours and the fallout of the Glenn non-death at the hands and mouths of a pack of hungry walkers, the promise of something big seemed to keep fans’ faith intact. As such, the arrival of Negan and the accompanying expectations surrounding the character’s arrival have become one of the biggest talking points the series has seen in quite a while. A great deal of the interest in Negan appears to stem from the guarantee that the bat-wielding leader of the Saviors will dispatch one of the show’s core survivors. And if there’s anything the show loves doing, it’s getting the audience riled up about the violent death of a major character.

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alycakes1796d ago

Carol was awesome in this episode but is she gone for good? I hope not.

neoragex1794d ago

Bad script this episode, as many of the characters just appeared to be completely stupid in their decision making. Daryl, especially, was shown to be not such a good woodsman for a change.