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Supergirl: "Worlds Finest" Review - IGN

IGN: Batman and Superman may have been the talk of the town over the weekend, but Monday night was all about Supergirl's highly anticipated crossover with the Flash (featuring special guest star Grant Gustin). Also making her debut this week was Silver Banshee (formerly Siobhan Smythe), who teamed up with Livewire for this episode. But not before we learned about the Smythe family curse, which conveniently explained Siobhan's sonic screaming powers and her haunting hatred for Kara. Not the most organic of origin stories, but it did the job.

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Sahil1798d ago

This show is a hot mess, but hey I thought Flash and Arrow were getting crappy, then I watched hey, it made me appreciate those shows a little bit more.

neoragex1798d ago

I loved this damn episode but WHY OH WHY did they try to make this another earth? This makes no freaking sense. This two belong together, make this happen CW!!