Billions "Quality Of Life" Review - AVClub

AVClub: You can tell a significant episode of Billions is coming when the show’s austere title reveal is trimmed down to get back into the action as quickly as possible. There’s no creator credit, which is held back until the end along with the cast and crew credits that typically run atop the episode’s opening scenes. Not this time. “Quality Of Life” picks up just moments after Donnie has expelled a mouthful of blood onto Bryan’s sharp suit and tie. Donnie is rushed to the hospital, where he’s soon pronounced dead, and Axe Capital is left mourning the loss of a friend and colleague while the Southern District frets over the critical setback Donnie’s death represents. To Billions’ credit, the show doesn’t quickly zip through the aftermath of Donnie’s death, and “Quality Of Life” gives the moment the gravity it deserves.

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