Gotham "Wrath Of The Villains: Prisoners" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Relatively speaking, “Wrath Of The Villains: Prisoners” is one of the more memorable—Note: memorable ≠ good—episodes of Gotham in recent memory because it isn’t bogged down by all that canon superhero stuff. I’ve mentioned before that the show is usually too overstuffed with characters, most of whom don’t even have a meaningful or engaging arc going on, to really focus in on a single story and make it have an impact. Dramatic stakes get lost in the continuous shuffle of villains and crooked cops, and the ever-shifting morality of Jim Gordon. Without those dramatic stakes Gotham ends up feeling like a parade of villains with no staying power, meaning that there’s no tension to the season-long narrative, meaning that there’s hardly a reason to tune in every week.

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