The Magicians "Remedial Battle Magic" Review - AVClub

AVClub: There are times when adapting a TV series from a book series provides a helpful guideline for where the series can go. It gives the writers a framework to work from, and as a bonus, there’s a constant source of Easter eggs to keep readers of the books happy. But there are also times when faithfulness to a book can be crippling. A slavish devotion to plot points that occur at a different pace in a different medium can lead to inorganic movements for characters that make little sense in the new world that’s being built. Such is the case with Quentin’s betrayal of Alice in this episode.

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Sahil1791d ago

I literally spit pepsi outta my nose at Margolem. It was that funny at the time. Summer Bishil is sexy as hell by the way, especially when she gets mad. RAWR!!!