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Bates Motel "Lights Of Winter" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In good drama, as in life, the significant moments happen during the quiet beats, the small interstitial fragments of day-to-day existence. A wistful glance, a piercing stare, a barely noticeable gesture—these are the actions that convey meaning and emotion for those of us dropping in on characters’ lives. They are the firmament upon which we build our understanding of these people, and in them we discover the impulses and motivations that drive their behavior, both prior and subsequent. When we see a genuine moment of feeling in another human being, it triggers our empathy, whether we read fear or love or anger on their faces. It’s one of the reasons we can fool ourselves into thinking we know people better than we do: We can’t see the reasons someone is feeling the way they are, but we can all too easily substitute our own biases and feelings and think them equally valid to the unknown beliefs of the other.

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