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WWE Monday Night Raw "March 28, 2016" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s hard to believe that Wrestlemania is this Sunday. It’s hard to believe that this week’s Raw is a go-home show, also known as the last-ditch effort to build the hype for the biggest WWE event of the year. It should be exciting, electric, and unhinged, especially in a town like Brooklyn where they’re ready to get unhinged. The build to Wrestlemania has been almost inarguably bad, but the thing with wrestling is that things can turn around at any moment. All it takes is a single segment to make a feud interesting, to turn something from underwhelming to totally exciting. It’s not easy, but it is entirely possible. Tonight’s Raw doesn’t bother with that though. Instead, this is the worst kind of go-home show, where everyone who wrestles Sunday is stuck wresting their opponent on Raw for some reason.

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