Horace and Pete "Episode 9" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret, a young girl (Anna Paquin) accidentally causes a bus accident that results in the death of an innocent pedestrian. While a large part of the film focuses on the complicated aftermath of this traumatic event, much of it focuses on the life around that event. Lonergan repeatedly cuts away and digresses from the main action to focus on seemingly “irrelevant” or “trivial” matters, only the irrelevant and trivial are in fact the “point” of the film: Tragedy doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but rather it happens amidst the noise of life—the stupid arguments, the anonymous clashes, and the sudden coincidences. With Margaret, Lonergan gets at something overwhelmingly poignant: When tragedy strikes one person, their world stalls, but the larger world keeps on turning, and watching everybody move on while you’re paralyzed can be a jarring experience.

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