'Batman v Superman' Grosses $424M in Opening Weekend

Despite mostly negative reviews, the Warner Bros./DC Comics major motion picture 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' raked in the dough at the box office during the film's opening weekend.

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cell9891796d ago

I honestly expected a lot more sales. Age Of Ultron made more in the US, thats just not good anyway you see it.

Griever1796d ago

Yes, Age of ultron opened higher IN THE US ONLY. It opened to JUST $392.5 million worldwide; MUCH lower than BvS.

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cell9891795d ago

you do realize Age of Ultron didnt release everywhere on the same week as BvsS right?

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Soldierone1796d ago

But, but, but the "critics" said it was garbage! haha

cell9891796d ago

Transformers is Trash and also made millions when the masses went to watch it, whats your point? The movie sucks, overall

2pacalypsenow1796d ago

The movie had a good story unlike most of the Marvel movies I haven't enjoyed a marvel movie since Iron Man 1 not counting Deadpool

-Foxtrot1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


Good story...LOL

It was a mess, it was a long film and despite having all that time you had so many head scratching moments like "WTF", "Why has has he done/said that", "why did they change/add this" etc.

Then the "thing" which makes them become friends in the end...god give me a break.

The story was all over and packed in far too much which didn't need to be there. It was a filler film, something to pack in as many references as they could to set up Justice League as quick as they could not to an actual well focused story.

I mean you've even said below Age of Ultron was all over the place when it was more focused then this film. They used the time to set up the film, it wasn't to set up Infinity War or Ant Man was it.

cell9891796d ago

@2pac dude are you kidding me, a good story? lmao please dont get caught in the hype or fanboy fathom. The story is the reason the movie sucks so bad. Full of random irrelevant scenes. Cop-out scenarios and convenient events to move the plot was an insult to my intelligence. Plot holes all over the place. The list goes on. Both Avenger movies were better made than this pile of $#*& and thats saying a lot.

gangsta_red1796d ago

The movie was seriously underwhelming. But the lure of seeing Batman versus Superman is what drew these numbers in.

dota2champion1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I enjoyed this film more than age of ultron. Glad it's successful with all the negativity surrounding this film.

Hold_It1796d ago

Agreed. I hope it makes however much it needs to keep Zack Synder on board. People may not like the way he's handles Superman and Batman, but I applaud him for giving us a new and refreshing live action version of these characters, rather than using the Batman and Superman we've already experienced.

Don't forget that the "Director's Cut" R rated Bluray comes June 16th and that is going to have 35mins of additional footage. Might be the difference between Watchmen and Watchmen Extended Cut.

Man of Steel actually made me care about Superman, as I never liked the care due to how Boy Scoutish and Overpowered he's appeared in the comics that I know of. It was nice to see him portrayed more human, with a lack of knowledge of his powers, of his parents, and himself and wanting to find his place in the world and also discover himself.

cell9891796d ago

yeah but other directors could have made a way better job with this, than the turd of Zack Snider

-Foxtrot1796d ago

You would want Zack Synder kept on board after all this...die hard DC fans amaze me.

You could have better but you'd rather eat shit and call it tasty then asking the chef to make something better

gangsta_red1796d ago

I think Zac Snyder is exactly what is wrong with these DC films.

I don't know what happened to him but somewhere along the line of Dawn of the Dead and now he became the worse director I have ever seen.

Maybe they need to fire those two guys who wrote this script too and then while we are cleaning house fire the guy who edited this movie.

Deadpoolio1796d ago

There was NOTHING new in that stupid Watchmen extended cut...All they did was splice in that Black freighter animated DVD that got released before hand...Thats not something major nor did it make the film anything more than 45 minutes longer

ZayZay_111796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Go away already. You been crying and whining for the pass few days about this movie. Get over it. There are people who like it and there are people who don't but to keep crying about the same thing over and over is getting annoying. What's it matter to you whether it got bad reviews or not. Obviously the movie is doing well in the box office is proof that people don't listen to critics. Why? because those are just subjective opinions.

Just like your opinion is subjective as well. Just like others who might like it as well is subjective but it doesn't matter in the end because did what is was suppose to do in the box office. If you don't like the movie that's fine but you don't have to be a raging Marvel fanboy crying on every article when the movie gets good or bad news when you don't even care about the movie in the first place. Just be glad Marvel and DC are giving us all these superhero movies for the next 3-4 years.

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2pacalypsenow1796d ago

Age of ultron was crap, movie was all over the place

cell9891796d ago

this movie took that "all over the place" to a whole new level lol. Thats wasnt Lex, that was the Riddler without the riddles

MasterD9191796d ago

I actually went into this movie with the lowest of expectations thanks to what a lot of people were saying and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't even watch Age of Ultron again thats how much it sucked, but BvS is amazing. It reminded me of Watchmen, but that only helped. People went out of their way to exaggerate about this movie.

I'm glad it's breaking records.

gangsta_red1796d ago

Age of Ultron was bad, but I wouldn't say this movie was any better.

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hirobrotagonist1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

424 mil is a pretty strong number for a movie released this time of year. They were also smart to release it before the Captain America (avengers) Civil War movie. This movie more than broke even in its opening weekend and the rest of the ticket sales and bluray sales will give the studio plenty of reasons to keep the franchise going.

2pacalypsenow1796d ago

Cannot wait for that 4k BD release!

Minute Man 7211796d ago

Shit I went thru 4 4K 3D tvs & they all had ghosting issues. Got my refund, I'll try a 2016 model later this year

2pacalypsenow1796d ago

Well what brand and how much you pay for it?

gunnerforlife1796d ago

i havent seen it yet but im glad it is doing good, if the fans are enjoying it then f*ck what the critics say! i enjoy both marvel and DC movies, AND TBH out of all the marvel movies ive only enjoyed IM1, avengers, and deadpool.

it is nice having a more serious superhero movie.

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