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Batman v Superman’ Triumphs: Do Critics Matter at the Box Office


In the days leading up to its release this weekend, major critics tried to outdo each other by cooking up the most devastating ways to dismiss “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as a creatively bankrupt, corporately mandated cash grab searching fruitlessly for a coherent plot.

The results are a devastating rebuke to the power of mainstream American critics at a time when many newspapers have already outsourced their reviews to wire services and the rise of bloggers has de-professionalized the practice of assessing a film’s attributes and demerits.

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WizzroSupreme1799d ago

Of course they don't and they never have or will. It's the general public that pays those tickets, not critics – not usually. Tastes change and time will be the real measure of a movie if people are are still watching Batman V Superman thirty years from now.

Hellforged_Savant1798d ago

I wouldn't say that's entirely true personally, as their opinion does seem to be having some effect. There has been one of the biggest ever Friday to Sunday drop offs for audience attendance with a superhero film. The poor critical response probably contributed to that somewhat.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31798d ago

I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that unlike most superhero films, this movie isn't exactly family friendly.

As far as the actual criticisms of the movie are concerned, a lot of people legitimately like the flick and more power to them. It's a shame because I feel like the overwhelmingly negative criticism has overshadowed a lot of the positives in the film. While it might not quite work as a whole, I found the overall presentation to be more impressive than that of the average comic book film. It was a nice change of pace from the visually sterile looking films that Disney puts out.

Soldierone1797d ago

Here is the thing, most websites function as a whole. So you have one person review Movie A, then another reviews Movie B. Problem is both people have their respective tastes.

Why have someone that has absolutely no knowledge of DC Comics review this movie? It's a dumb mistake, and thus the person rates it poorly because they have no idea what the significance of anything is.

The mainstream critics don't have anybody. They will rate the most boring and pointless movies ever highly, then any movie touted as a "blockbuster" already drops to a 5/10 before they even see it. Unless of course the studio sends in gift baskets and kisses their butt first, then some of the most horrible action movies somehow get out with a 9/10...(Major releases like this expect to make money regardless, so there is no butt kissing, so reviews are low)

If you ask me, you find a reviewer or a group at a smaller website with the same tastes as you. That way you can trust what they are saying and translate it to yourself. The reviewers I work with are great because they will say something like "I didn't care for it, but it seems more your style"

freshslicepizza1797d ago

rotten tomatoes is usually a good source but it is by no means the only answer. i go to the movies to be entertained, not focus on how well the script is all the time or how great the acting is.