Daredevil Season 2 Proves the MCU Doesn’t Need R-Rated Movies


At this moment, the Marvel Cinematic Universe includes two phases, 12 films – spanning from 2008’s Iron Man to 2015’s Ant-Man – and four television series, which can further be broken down to the two TV shows on ABC, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, and the two on Netflix: Daredevil and Jessica Jones. In terms of its film slate, Marvel Studios has movies planned through 2019 (and dates scheduled through 2020), with Captain America: Civil War officially kicking off Phase 3. Meanwhile, ABC also has a handful of new shows in development that would join the MCU.

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-Foxtrot1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


That's why we need a Punisher series with even more gore and over the top brutal killings. Like in Daredevil when he shotgunned that guys face

Then Blade and Moonknight

It's funny because I hear a lot how Marvel is kid friendly yet people ignore their Netflix shows. They've done more R rated stuff then DC.

Scrivlar1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

The Punisher was great in this series, I'd love to see him get his own show with a few DD JJ crossovers. A Blade show would be fantastic as well.

freshslicepizza1802d ago

moonknight brings back great memories.

daredevil season 2 is one of the best seasons i have watched in quite some time. better call saul is another great one.

MasterD9191803d ago

Daredevil's second season was absolutely amazing but I have never wanted a Punisher series more now. Berenthal nailed the Frank Castle character! I can't believe they are focusing on Iron Fist before Frank Castle...that's just wrong.

Lord_Sloth1803d ago

They can't do The Defenders without Fist.

freshslicepizza1802d ago

the guy is just a great actor. i was upset they killed him off so early in the walking dead.

MasterD9191801d ago

Well, they were following the comics and Shane never made it very far there, but I agree. He is definitely missed.

I think his Punisher role was equally, if not more amazing though. He is highly underrated as an actor.

WizzroSupreme1803d ago

At least someone in Hollywood finally got a Frank Miller character right with Elektra.

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level 3601803d ago

One of the Best intro credits for any TV series.

Am just getting into this.. so many good Superhero shows to watch these days.

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