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Batman v Superman Analyzed and Explained - Did you hear? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has hit theaters this Easter weekend? Did you also hear that the movie is getting bashed by critics for being too messy, a disaster, and just too much information overload. Yeah, I heard that too. The movie is getting destroyed by critics for the story being superficial and the characters two-dimensional. Really? Did they watch the same movie I did?

Well I completely beg to differ. I do admit, when I first watched the movie, I did have a bit of a mental overload and was conflicted about what I just witnessed. In fact, I left the theater still trying to digest all the info. But that’s the beauty of the movie. Batman v Superman isn’t just some beat ’em up superhero flick. It’s sophisticated storytelling with more layers than an onion. Now that I’ve seen the movie three times, I can tell you that the film is complex beyond simple explanation. There really is a lot going on. You have one man who fell from grace. Another who is rejected by society simply because his existence challenges theirs. And lastly, a megalomaniac puppet master with daddy issues who will do everything in his power to prove that God is a fraud.

If you think that’s deep, that’s just the tip of the spear, pardon the pun (If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll understand the pun). We have a Knightmare dream sequence, a time travelling speedster. Justice League cameos, a Star Wars reference, and Granny’s Peach Tea.

So bear with me as I take you down the rabbit hole and do my best to explain everything in Batman v Superman.

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