I Saw The Light Review - AVClub

AVClub: Hank Williams died young, aged only 29, but he was an alcoholic, skinny as a stick, and suffered from lifelong health problems, so he looked a good decade older and sounded it, too. The potently soporific I Saw The Light gives the role of the country-western legend to Tom Hiddleston, who’s almost as old as Williams looked, and then covers the English actor’s forehead in a thick of paste of makeup to hide the wrinkle lines. So he looks a little bit like the Hillbilly Shakespeare, albeit more dashing, but not like the young man he’s supposed to be. And when Hiddleston sings “Lovesick Blues,” he sounds good, but lacks conviction in his voice. He plays Williams as though he were the most genteel philandering, pill-popping boozehound to ever die in the back seat of a car. It was a baby blue Cadillac, so maybe that gives it a touch of class.

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