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Why Batman Kills People in Batman V Superman


Batman V Superman – which is finding itself even more controversial than its predecessor – is a killer versus killer scenario. That label is unfair as we’ll explain but it’s not inaccurate. When you see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you’ll see a movie where director Zack Snyder doesn’t hold back (much) in showing Batman ending lives. He even uses guns, and for comic fans, we know Batman morally objects to gun use because it was a gun that ended the lives of his parents as a youth. The movie will remind you of that too.

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WizzroSupreme1801d ago

Batman kills people by this point in Snyder's universe because he likely broke his code as he does in the comics later in life either thanks to trying to avenge someone (Jason Todd, Batgirl) or merely because he's given up on humanity entirely. That's awfully generous for a Zack Snyder film, but it makes more sense that Batman kill than merely cripple people in this universe and leave them to die by agonizing injury.

Deadpoolio1800d ago

The problem is that most geniuses don't actually get their knowledge of Batman lore from the comics, they get it from crap like Superfriends, the 60s Tv series or Batman the animated series....Explains why alot of them don't seem to know his primary weapon from 1939 up until about the 50s or so was a GUN which he used ALOT

NewMonday1800d ago

Batman is the Punisher now

the whole of the DCMU seems to be based on Elsworlds stories not the actual characters in cannon through the decades.

extermin8or1800d ago

Been having this debate/argument with a friend of mine past few days. She even pulled the "look it's my opinion that batman doesn't kill" like that's not an opinion that's a fact, either he does or he doesn't....

DragoonsScaleLegends1800d ago

He killed maybe one person pushing maybe three, I don't like how the title acts like he kills everyone.

kaizokuspy1800d ago

On batman armor it says something akin to last laugh, possibly referencing when batman finally kills the Joker for the "final" laugh; I think it was in the universe where joker kills Robin or something. Can't remember. It's 430 am o.o

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hirobrotagonist1800d ago

can we stop putting spoilers in headlines around here?

1800d ago
coolbeans1800d ago

I just submitted a report on this submission and hope it's taken up soon. This is just annoying.

I recommend others submit one as well.

sonicwrecks1800d ago

Let's not forget that Keaton Batman pretty much killed the Joker and Penguin whilst Bale-man killed (or chose not to save) in Batman Begins so there's definate cinematic precedent in that sense.

SarcasticDuck1800d ago

Fúck this shít! @$$holes, can't make an article without putting a spoil on the title!? bunch of incompetents!

-Foxtrot1800d ago

Synder obviously doesn't get Batman

Porcelain_Chicken1800d ago

No offense, but the irony of that statement. Batman has killed so many times... He literally hung a guy in his first comic. We've had so many instances where in order to save lives Batman decides to take one. He did it with Two-face in TDK and he stabbed the Joker in the eye ready and willing to kill him in The Dark Knight returns.

Hold_It1800d ago

You clearly don't get Batman. If you can't tolerate Zack Synder, than why watch anything he makes in the first place? That's like saying you don't like video games with guns and you turn around and buy Call of Duty to complain about how it uses guns in it.

I think you'd be better off sticking to Disney movies if you can't handle mature themes and real world issues in a fantasy setting.

Qrphe1799d ago

Batman has killed several times before, but I get most people new into the Bat don't know this since it's an image he's grown to have in the last 15yrs or so.

-Foxtrot1799d ago

Killed people indirectly not on purpose and directly

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