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‘Batman v Superman’: 5 Reasons Not to Hate the Superhero Mash-Up


Forget about Kryptonite — movie critics are trying to kill Superman. The reviews for Zack Snyder’s DC Comics mash-up “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” are brutal, and much less forgiving than they were for Marvel’s “The Avengers” in 2012. Snyder’s movie, which introduces Ben Affleck as Batman and brings back Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, doesn’t have the cinematic gravitas of, for example, Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. But such a comparison isn’t really fair.

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WizzroSupreme1805d ago

At least Batman v Superman will let Affleck make DC another 6-7 years of great solo Batman films. Superman? Eh...

1803d ago
Gaming4Life19811803d ago

I loved it too, bvs was really good. Ben is clearly the best batman and Michael Keaton has always been my favorite. I did not like Jessie as lex though he did have a few good moments though.

Looking ford to the new justice League movies, man of steel and bvs really put DC comics back on track. Yes man of steel did have its flaws but it's still the best superman movie and Henry cavill is the best superman.

Bring on brainiac and Darkseid and I'll happy.

kaizokuspy1803d ago

Jessie, could be forgiven if he was portrayed as alexander, lex's son. I felt his mannerisms were too joker like resulting in probably the worst casting in the entire movie.

Hold_It1803d ago

He did play Alexander. He stated in the movie several times that "my father was the one who put the Lex in Lexcorp"

Gaming4Life19811802d ago

Well I just felt like he didn't do lex as good as gene Hackman and Kevin spacey but it's hard to feel those shoes.

I mean where are the quotes of a criminal mastermind, maybe that was his father's thing. His plan was genius though and I'll give credit.

I think they should keep him though and let his character develop to be honest. I hate when they keep changing in actors.

Erma did you like the movie? Did you kaiz?

kaizokuspy1802d ago

They fkd it up imo. I actually liked the new superman from man of steel. So why oh why did they have to end this movie that way? Snyder got too greedy trying to get the franchise going like marvel. They should have built up at least another movie or 2 instead of doing the ending they did. It was pretty bad at least to me. I really enjoyed batman, his armor says something along the lines of last laugh so you can recall the alternate universe where joker gets the last laugh getting batman to kill him and from their batman IS a killing machine. So I like the direction. I thought Christian bale was a pretty lame batman, but then again I never cared for Nolans batman. Ummm things I really didn't like about the movie. The gaping plot hole in the first 10 minutes. Am I to believe that superman would let mankind handle zods body? That's weak sauce and lazy writing.

hirobrotagonist1802d ago

This movie was great, it had some flaws and Doomsday felt like a bit of an afterthought (probably should have been in a separate movie) but overall I really enjoyed it. If other people didn't, that's fine and they're entitled to their opinions, but most of the reasoning I'm seeing is based on a lack of understanding of the movie, characters motivations etc..Also the internet attacks on Snyder's character and his film making abilities from these parasites because they didn't like his movie, well it's pretty sad.Not the best comic movie ever, but it's pretty up there for me and I really enjoyed it.

Gaming4Life19811802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I agree, the story and the action was good and liked doomsday once he became the real doomsday. I think they captured tension between Batman and superman.

My cousin said that the story parts were boring but that's what separates DC comics from marvel. Marvel is happy and DC comics were always darker movie wise even cartoon movies. Bvs is kinda of like xmen, xmen has that dark tone to it and it's movies reflect that.

I'm going to say that this is the best comic movie so far this year but their are so many more coming so we shall see.

neoragex1798d ago

One thing I have never understood in films like this is why don’t they have the heroes do most of the cleanup and rebuilding after a cataclysmic ruination of a city? A guy like Supes could use his super everything to get it all done on the cheap and in a matter of days or weeks and not years.Make the guy clean up his own mess for God’s sake!