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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review - AVClub

AVClub: As any 10-year-old comics nut can attest, pitting the biggest household names in superheroism against each other has never made much logical sense; being the world’s greatest detective doesn’t count for much in a fistfight with someone faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. No, the showdown only works if you consider what these iconic characters, the shining stars of the DC Comics stable, really represent: They’re the perfect inverse of each other, a beaming beacon of mankind’s promise going toe-to-toe with the dank underbelly of its fears. And that’s where Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice first runs into trouble. When the Last Son Of Krypton seems every bit as anguished, as edgily dark, as the Dark Knight himself, what’s the point in bashing them together? Their conflict isn’t so much “day versus night,” to quote the bad guy, as “late evening versus slightly later evening.”

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