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Arrow "Broken Hearts" Review - AVClub

AVClub: If you ever wanted to hear Arrow share a bunch of alternately deranged and pseudo-profound thoughts on the nature of love, tonight’s episode is for you. Cupid’s return to Arrow means the show significantly ups its level of outright crazy, but really she’s beside the point—at least, I sure hope the show isn’t hoping its audience will legitimately invest in her motivations, given a good chunk of it rests on her inability to realize this new Green Arrow is totally the same dude as her beloved Arrow, Roy Harper’s switcheroo aside. Cupid is here to provide an appropriately superhero-friendly context for an exploration of Oliver and Felicity’s breakup, and it turns out, not particularly surprisingly, that Arrow doesn’t really have any particularly earth-shattering thoughts on the subject of what love is, in part because even that stated theme is really just a bit of narrative heavy-lifting designed to give the show space to sort out just where Oliver and Felicity now stand. And, on that score, I think it’s worth stepping back for this review, mostly leaving aside the episode itself and instead considering an issue that has been bubbling up to the surface throughout most of this season. Namely...

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neoragex1802d ago

Cupid was fun in the Suicide Squad. "I'm Cupid, stupid!" is a good catchphrase, to boot. No idea why they squandered that goodwill she was building by turning her back into a serial killer.