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Younger "No Weddings & A Funeral" Review - AVClub

AVClub: On the Season Two finale of Younger, and on many other shows’ season finales before it, the protagonist is faced with a dilemma as to which participant in her love triangle she will ultimately choose as her One True Pairing. On another show, the drama involved in this dilemma would be the main thrust of the episode, in a matter of speaking, but Younger isn’t other shows. The love triangle exists but it functions as a catalyst for examining Liza’s life and the choices that she makes. For one, her former boss attempts to rescue her from the worst possible scenario—a dead end retail job in New Jersey—and a kiss is exchanged. There’s nothing like welcoming a former co-worker back to the professional fold like an impending trip to Human Resources, but Charles isn’t exactly known for his success with the ladies. The kiss was inevitable and appropriately timed, as the intimacy that the two have built up made Charles the best choice to confront Liza about her future with Empirical—and her future in general. The chemistry is still there, but the key part of this exchange is the advice Charles gives Liza as an “older, more experienced” man of the world.

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Sahil1795d ago

One thing I figured out about this show is that it's considerably harder to enjoy with from a critical point of view. Its logic, character work and overall plotting is full of holes, some pretty annoying. But as pure fun it works great.