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Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review | CGM

Alright nerds, it’s finally here: the movie that you’ve been doubting with dread for three years (or that you’ve been quietly excited about, but won’t admit to it in mixed company). Batman V. Superman. The one where the Superfriends become Rock Em Sock Em robots. Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder’s attempt to jumpstart an entire DC cinematic universe.

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hirobrotagonist1802d ago

I like how you say it's better than MoS and give it 6/10. Man of Steel deserves at least a 7.5. Sounds like Batman V Superman is good and I'm pretty excited to see it tonight.

darren_poolies1802d ago

I wouldn't listen to the reviews. Ive just been to see it and it's incredible. I feel like it's mostly being criticized because it's not a Marvel movie and it takes itself "too seriously". Which is bull.

Basically between Watchmen and The Avengers this is much more towards the Watchmen end of the scale, so if you liked that and liked MoS. You'll love this.

hirobrotagonist1802d ago

Awesome, glad to hear you say that man. I definitely think a lot of reviewers are going in with the preconceived notions because of the MCU. Honestly the Avengers is a great comic movie, but it's not amazing and there is a ton of cheese. I'll never understand why DC gets so unfairly grilled compared to Marvel.

Gaming4Life19811802d ago

Well as a lover of both Dc comics and Marvel comics the battle has always been the same. People say that Dc characters are over powered and that marvel characters are more down to earth.

I say that comics are comics and I cant wait to see this movie as batman finally looks and feel like batman. Michael Keaton did bruce and batman best but I think ben affleck will outshine his performance.

I dont like how they did Doomsday but then again I havent see the movie really hard to to say. I mean most hated heth ledgers joker and its the same with jessie eisenburgs lex. Im sure I will love this movie because I love comics and I feel DC finally took their characters where they needed to go. Its only the begining into this wonderful DC universe.

Shadowolf1802d ago

@ darren_poolies, you're spot on about the movie being more Watchmen than Avengers. Saw it last night and loved it! A 6/10 is certainly not the experience I had with the movie. More like an 8.8/10 in my book. Critics have been expressing some interesting disdain for the movie, which made Zach Snyder's version amazing in my finite opinion. There was a much more monologuing and intriguing story cues over action sequences, however the bravado moments truly captured the characters in impressive fashion. Spoiler alert, Batman does kill people in the movie, says a curse word and has a sexual encounter as the movie clearly hints at. Though I'm a huge Avenger fan, this movie is far less cheese than the Avengers and themed very well.

-Foxtrot1802d ago

Oh my god really. Here we go the "Marvel conspiracy"

If it's bad, it's bad

I loved Watchman but BvS was was rushed, people were miscast, they shoehorned as much as they could in there and the actual fight was like 10 minutes or something

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DragoonsScaleLegends1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

This movie is so amazing I can't belive it's being shit on by everyone. I went in with my hope crushed by critics not expecting much but I came out amazed out how good it was and how wrong the critics are. I would give this movie a 8-9 and man of steel around 7.5. The critics are so wrong it's not even funny.

MasterD9191802d ago

This is Batman and Superman in a movie together. Fuck the reviews!

-Foxtrot1802d ago

That's it? That's the only reason why it's good...nostalgia/nerdgasm factor