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TVF Supernatural Season 11 Episode 16 Review: Safe House

Should we be worried about Rufus’ “oldest rule” the closer we get to the Supernatural Season 11 finale?

I'm hard pressed to think that Sam and Dean are on the chopping block, but might Castiel’s time be up, especially in letting Lucifer in? Might he be soon making a sacrifice that puts an end to his time on the show?

I certainly hope not. After all, Rufus sort of amended his rule by the end of Supernatural Season 11 Episode 16.

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alycakes1804d ago

I love it when Bobby and Rufus are on so it was a great one.

Sahil1798d ago

The CW for a long time considers a spin-off for the series. This episode made me wish a prequel spin-off series with Bobby and Rufus.