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The Top Ten Winter Misery Genre Movies

CGM Writes: Thanks to global warming, hitting March does not mean that we’re out of winter yet! In fact, we’re probably in the midst of the worst winter stretch. You know, that special time of year when the cold is at its coldest and everyone is so sick of it that things feel particularly dire. It’s that chapter in every winter season where most folks are over the novelty of snow and can’t even bother to pretend that they like being outside anymore. In other words, it’s the ideal season to be an indoor kid; a perfect time to snuggle up with some movies and avoid setting foot outside at all costs.

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coolbeans1810d ago

Pretty solid list of films. I still need to see The Hateful Eight.

Bobafret1809d ago

It's funny that the Hateful 8 and The Thing are on the list, some of the unused soundtrack from The Thing was used in the Hateful 8.

Sahil1803d ago

Really want to see The Hateful Eight, good list tho.