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How Marvel’s Daredevil Got Elektra Wrong


Whenever a movie studio becomes a “brand,” it means going from being reliable based on what you’ve made in the past, to being reliable based on some sort of (often intangible) governing philosophy, i.e. Walt Disney as family (as opposed to “Children’s”) entertainment, Pixar as emotionally-involving high-end animation, and Studio Ghibli as anime you don’t have to feel ashamed about enjoying. In Marvel’s case, the “brand” happened when the studio’s reputation transcended beyond a mere list of popular superhero movies to a philosophy about its approach to making superhero movies – and that philosophy is essentially: “You can trust us with these characters.”

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Hold_It1802d ago

It's funny as I found her to be the most interesting character and my favorite character for this entire season.

For the "people don't know how to make female characters" argument, it's hard to even attempt to make a female character because with feminazi's on the rise, no matter how you do anything female related, they're going to get on twitter and tumblr and bitch about how they're misrepresented and done unto, because you can't please everyone.

It's to the point that they are literally antagonizing people and getting away with it by pulling a gender card, and the first amendment should be modified to ban and/or criminalize any kind of aggressive protesting, or using slander to destroy someones reputation and business.

coolbeans1802d ago

I'm a bit surprised to see that reaction to Elektra. Pretty good actress behind the character but writing wasn't that great.

As for complaints about femnazis across social media: so what? Your job as a writer for an adaptation of a character is in getting the character right. I've seen some complaints about how the DareDevil writers didn't do that.

"... and the first amendment should be modified to ban and/or criminalize any kind of aggressive protesting, or using slander to destroy someones reputation and business."

I'm a bit worried about how you'd determine "aggressive protesting" and such but their are such things as libel + defamation laws in US. I'd argue going the other direction would be the best way: getting rid of said laws and making MORE speech the answer.

Hold_It1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


I thought she was a welcome addition as a "new" character coming from what we got with Season 1. I liked certain things from the Director's Cut of the Ben Affleck Daredevil, and Elektra wasn't one of them, so it was nice to see a more fleshed out version of the character rather than just having the one from the cinematic universe. xD

The problem is they have too much weight now when their input is taken into consideration, and it's getting to the point that people aren't really doing things with female characters because they're afraid of the slander or the effect of the backlash.

You notice this becoming even more of a problem in video games. Now the popular thing is to cry "sexist" or "racist" at anything you disagree with, not because it is, but because they are words that have shock value to them.

You notice the same thing now with movies trying to be too PC and have a LGBT representative because they might complain about that they "can't relate because they're not hetero" or shoehorn in a character of a different race because they act like they're doing that ethnicity a favor. Not because it makes them more interesting or adds to their character, but because "Oh no, they might harass me endlessly on social media with their mob mentality"

What I mean by that is the way that SJWs/Feminazis react to things by constantly badgering and slandering someone by getting mobs of people to flood someones twitter or whatever social media account to get their point across rather than trying to talk about it in a civilized way. I see.

Eh, I don't know. I think people already have too much free speech at the moment, and adding to it would make things even worse than it already is. I'll agree to disagree with you though.

mahmoods261802d ago

I'm not going to say that Elektra was written perfectly but minimalizing the characters contribution to the season as merely a plot device is quite short sighted. She is in many ways the counterpoint to Castle and Daredevil. While Castle kills out of necessity, she kills out of pleasure. Her arc is in many ways a redemption story and a need to be accepted for the woman she is rather than what others have defined her to be. Matt sees her as someone better than she thinks she is, she proves him wrong by slicing the neck of a captive hand ninja. Stick believes he can control her, she proves him wrong by leaving him for Matt and the hand see her as their ultimate weapon, she proves them wrong by making her sacrifice. Ultimately, there are moments when the character could have been written better but insinuating that the complexity isn't there just because it takes a different road from the comics is ludicrous. What's more telling is the sexual component of her kills which comes through Elodie Yung's performance. It's unfair to characterize it as her struggling against paper thing writing as the nuance is palpable. I think you need to rewatch the season and disconnect yourself from preconceived notions of the comics. Additionally, I prefer Mark Waids happy go lucky Daredevil to Millers and Bendis grim and dark Daredevil. At a certain point there needs to be a light in the darkness.