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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review - The Mary Sue

Mary Sue: Usually, I don’t focus foo much on star ratings; they’re just meant as a short cut, but this time, with Batman v Superman, I was torn. Honestly, 1½ seems low for a movie I know some big fans are loving, but I gave 2½ stars to Deadpool, a movie I personally didn’t like but consider better executed than BvS. I would have given Age of Ultron a 2, a movie I didn’t like but had moments (although way, way too long!), and I gave Fantastic Four 1½ stars, which might even have been a little high. I almost said 1½ stars with Batman v Superman, but on the train home at 10PM last night, I compared the two. If playing “would you rather,” the reason this movie gets a 1 star is I can see myself someday sitting through Fantastic Four again (probably with friends and a glass of wine), but I will never, ever waste my time with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice again.

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