New York Post: Batman v Superman Review

Threatened in some form or other since 2002, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’’ finally arrives to kick off the ever-lengthening “summer” movie season — and a long series of planned DC superhero movies that hope to compete with Marvel.

Director Zack Snyder may have introduced Henry Cavill as the latest Superman in “Man of Steel’’ in 2013, but this bloated sequel is very heavily weighted in favor of first-time Batman Ben Affleck.

The film opens with Supe’s climactic battle against General Zod from “Man of Steel’’ as seen from the point of view of Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne — and it looks an awful lot like 9/11 at Ground Zero.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1710d ago

There's no way this movie is worse than man of steel which got between a 7 and 8.

acemonkey1710d ago

do you watch youtube critics? like jermey,shomoesknow and chris stuckmann? they kinda gave it the same score as MoS or lower. I believe some said that MoS was better

acemonkey1710d ago

why did i get a disagree damn i was giving an opinion and youtube reviews that thought MoS was better lol

-Foxtrot1710d ago

Least Man of Steel focused on Superman, his character development and the like. It was more contained and had more focus.

coolbeans1710d ago

That's the thing bothering me with taking so many shots against MoS. Sure, I have gripes with it but dogging on it so much before evaluating this new film for yourself just seems unfair.

UltraNova1710d ago

I've seen the film last night. We must remember this is not a MoS sequel in the traditional sense, its a prelude to the Justice Leauge/DC universe.

They opened so many fronts within one film that it eventually lost its focus.

I think its title did damage to the films perception on what it really is.

It wasn't a B v S it was B&S vs Lex luthor, plus it seems Snyder was very aware and wanted to address MoS's critics which in my opinion hindered the movie's potential since his direction on MoS was spot on for such powerful characters, that's why it left a bitter taste in my mouth when the credits rolled.

Overall it was an ok movie that did what it had to do in order to set the stage for the DC universe, unfortunately it wasn't the epic duel we were let to believe it would be.

Germany71710d ago

Critics are not liking this movie, doesn't matter, i will watch and have my own opinion.

acemonkey1710d ago

i believe its going to make alot of money and DC fanboys are going to go ape shit over it. But film critics and the avg movie goer is going to have fun with it but not too much.

annoyedgamer1710d ago

Oh Hollywood, conatinuuing the never ending trail of failure. What's next? A remake of Ben-Hur? oh wait...

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