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WGTC | 'Hardcore Henry' Review

We Got This Covered

So, let’s recap – is Hardcore Henry for you? Well, do you like your senseless violence set to a bass-thumping, rage-inducing soundtrack, cleverly contrasted by action comedy quips and flamethrower thugs who appear to be auditioning for Daft Punk? If so, embrace the chaos and become the pistol-whipping, macho hero who walks around with naked ladies and lodges bullets in evil brains. If not, then keep your weak, politically correct bullshit to yourself, while the rest of us soak in Naishuller’s gratuitously unapologetic bullet-biting fun.

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WizzroSupreme1880d ago

It'll be interesting to see if this film has legs beyond just watching a live-action video game with no controller in hand.