Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters Is Everything Wrong With Reboots

FM: Here’s a fairly unpopular opinion: I quite like reboots and remakes. Just as theatre directors have put their own stamp on the works of William Shakespeare, reboots and remakes allow directors to put their own spin on existing material and come at it from a new perspective.

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thekhurg1198d ago

This movie looks atrocious. Awful trailer and a terrible choice for the cast.

Porcelain_Chicken1197d ago

The casting isn't terrible as all of these girls have proven to have true comedic talent. The fault lies pretty much everywhere else. The humor seemed so slapstick, everything had a "been there, done that" feel to it. And it tried incredibly hard to earn some nostalgic points. Which it didn't. To me It kinda felt like a series of Ghostbusters themed skits as opposed to a movie.

As a fan of Paul Feig and Kristen Wigg, I'm incredibly disappointed in what we've seen so far. I'll wait for a second trailer before I write it off comepletely but so far, I am not a fan.

Angerfist1193d ago


There is no funny female comedian!

04roacht1197d ago

I do think people are being hard on it for a female cast. People said the trailer is not funny. Well most American comedy is very unimaginative. It is all word play. Look at Edgar Wright's films. It's got physical comedy and that is funny. American comedy is more about having recognisable comedies get put in situations which they can identify as humerus

04roacht1197d ago

All american comedies are just improv

Gaming4Life19811198d ago

yea this movie looks really bad, so bad i had to watch ghostbusters directly after I watched the trailer to erase this abomination from my memory.

ThunderGod_Cid1198d ago

Hell, I'm watching Ghostbusters while I'm commenting on your comment, which by the way I completely agree.

04roacht1197d ago

Most American comedies are pretty unimaginative. I think people are just being harsh because they don't like the fact there is a female cast.

thekhurg1197d ago

It's not because of a female cast, it's because the cast chosen is bad. None of them are genuinely funny. The movie doesn't appear funny from the trailer, and at no point do any of them seem to take the role of being a ghostbuster seriously.

The original cast had fun while also being serious about what they needed to do. This movie appears to fail that aspect greatly

rdgneoz31197d ago

"This movie appears to fail that aspect greatly"

It failed the moment the trailer started off and said new York was saved by "4" scientists... Winston was not a scientist...

Gaming4Life19811197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It has nothing to do with a female cast, I don't know why people keep saying that. I like 2 of the females and they are both really funny and the other 2 females I don't know. The movie just doesn't look good and it looks like they are using lots of things from the first movie as well as other movies.
On top of that this trailer references the older movies and its supposed to be a reboot.

They should have left Ghostbusters alone to be honest but of course Hollywood knows that the name is popular and it will make money regardless. The female cast has nothing to do with why people are not liking this movie and most wanted to see it before this trailer, I'll still watch but I'm prepared to be let down going by this trailer.

MasterD9191198d ago

This just looks so cheesy, unlike the originals. The all female cast isn't helping either when the original crew was so beloved. Sony sucks at making movies. Honestly.

level 3601198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Think they picked the right actors for the reboot.

Reading the article, would have been great to see (mostly) all the original casts' back and utilize Aykroyd/Ramis collaboration for a draft of GB3 scripts.. sadly circumstances just wasn't on their side which is a shame.

471198d ago

I felt slightly bad trashing this film before I saw any footage, but come to find out I wasn't trashing this enough. The cast was bad enough, but I couldn't believe that 'Ghostbusters' could ever look this dreadful. I mean that trailer was absolutely tragic. This is what happens when you spend all your effort trying to be "edgey" and PC rather than build thoughtful characters and a well written film.

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