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Disney Won’t Be Making R-Rated Marvel Movies Anytime Soon


After the massive successful of Deadpool, which is the highest-grossing installment of the X-Men films, there have been a couple superhero films jumping on the rated-R bandwagon. Disney’s Marvel division, however, won’t be following suit.

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WizzroSupreme2102d ago

Of course it won't. Disney can just siphon off its darker stuff onto Netflix where the adults are watching anyway. The theater's got the kiddies. They can watch their Avengers and the grown-ups can binge-watch Daredevil and Jessica Jones in the dark in bed where it belongs.

2pacalypsenow2101d ago

And those kiddies watching will make Disney Billions of dollars

thorstein2101d ago

Disney owns Touchstone Pictures. They have released plenty of R rated movies.

Soldierone2101d ago

It'd be stupid of Disney to make R rated movies for core heroes. However if The Punisher or another character arises, it'd be a good thing. Though I doubt Disney ventures that far.

Also it is kind of old that people are pretending Deadpool is the first one to venture this far. It is just the first one to be successful with it. So it's still a gamble.

Porcelain_Chicken2101d ago

How in the world did you get two disagrees!? You're spot-on! XD

2101d ago
-Foxtrot2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

They have their dark world with Netflix


Jessica Jones

Luke Cage

Iron Fist

The Defenders Cross Over

Other Characters like




Later on they can lead up to another cross over event with other supernatural characters which they could easily explain as other dimensions (like hell) and scientific viruses (Vampires)



Werewolf by Night


Jennifer Kale but instead of a series she comes from Manthing.

Midnight Sons Cross Over

Another Cross Over event could be the Nightstalkers with hopefully a Doctor Strange film credit scene with him setting the team up.


Frank Drake

Hannibal King

If Blade is set in Britain it could set Captain Britain up and Black Knight. Also establishes MI13. So many things you can do with Netflix.

acemonkey2101d ago

Everybody is on the Rated R hype train...not every hero needs it to do the character justice, MCU (disney studios) has rights to alot of characters that could be Rated R (dark characters)

not every rated r movie is great lol....Disney has made alot of disturbing movies back in the day though

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