SyFy's Return to Quality

After years of ghost hunting reality shows, SyFy is back to the kind of quality they had before their controversial re-branding.

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LaWiiG1737d ago

I like it when I see more stuff like this.

MilkMan1736d ago

Return to quality? Is Battlestar Galactica back on?!

MilkMan1732d ago

Problem with this channel is that they have a history and they leave a sour taste in your mouth. You get hooked on a show and BOOM! they cancel the show. Whats the point?
Anyway thanks for the link, show looks good. Ill wait a couple of years see if the show is still on.

blackblades1736d ago

Syfy is one of my fav channels, good series past and future. Hated how they cancelled some series like stargate, and imma miss haven and eureka. There movies be like wtf, they be copying blockbuster movies. Like:
Transformers - Transmorphers
Battle of LA they had there version
Thor - There version of thor
Sequel to war of the world's
There movies always came out when the theater movies hit.

Stringerbell1736d ago

The thing is this though its not as if SyFy has seen the errors of their ways. The Sharknado, Mansquito, Abe Lincoln vs Gamara days are over. They rode the popularity of these so bad its good films till the end, but the joke is over on this genre. Original series is where its at now and now they are migrating towards it.

themightyme1735d ago

Most Channels are always in flux... Fox used to be the network home for Genre shows, now it is all will they/won't they crime procedurals with a weak genre twist. The CW used to be the tweenage girl drama channel, now it is the network home of Genre TV. MTV was music, then reality shows, and now they are basically The CW: Cable Edition. Spike TV was the dudebro channel, and now they are signing up some interesting scripted stuff.

thorstein1736d ago

Everytime I check the lineup it is always horror films. Always. I want SciFi...I already have Chiller, I don't need another horror station.

Skate-AK1736d ago

This. I also have Chiller.

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