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Spectre – Movie Review | TechDaring

TechDaring: "Spectre follows on from the events featured in Skyfall. The movie starts with Bond on an unofficially assigned mission over in Mexico."

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StarWarsFan1870d ago

I know critics didn't love this movie, but I enjoyed it the most of all the Daniel Craig Bond films. It had action, nice locations. It was a throwback to the old Bonds. I liked Skyfall too, but I did think it was a bit too dramatic.

pompombrum1870d ago

Completely the opposite for me, this felt like a generic Bond movie. What blew me away with Daniel Craig's Bond originally was that Casino Royale focused on the characters, dialogue and story over fancy action scenes and it was such a better movie because of it. Spectre was the total opposite, it felt shallow and focused more on the ridiculous scenes than it did the characters and dialogue.. if that's the direction they're continuing with Bond, it's no wonder Daniel Craig wants out, they might as well get Michael Bay to direct the next one.

ifinitygamer1870d ago

Absolutely agree with aiBreeze - the action in Spectre was cool, but it wasn't interesting in the way Casino Royale was. There was so little to do with character development and relationships whereas Casino Royale was all about Bond's humanity, something we'd never seen before.

ExoPaul1869d ago

Casino Royale (and in some ways Quantum Of Solace) pushed the genre forwards with a new, darker, bolder Bond, Skyfall shifted it back towards the older style of Bond movie with loads of nods to the past films, but Spectre threw it right back to the Pierce Brosnan days with even more throwbacks that really didn't move the series on, and it is no wonder that Daniel Craig is growing bored of it. He probably agreed to sign up based on the strength of the Casino script and agreed a longer deal based on the Quantum script being his own property. But the moment Skyfall and Spectre fell foul of being generic Bond he probably felt he no longer wanted to be a part of it.
The reality is that Spectre was all action sequences and throwbacks, and lacking a strong plot or dark side to it. The best part of Spectre in my eyes, was the initial opening sequence where the film-making with the single opening shot that moved locations without ever cutting to a different camera was inspired and made me feel the film was going to be epic..... but the moment this sequence was over, it all felt very average, generic and by the numbers movie, and if I ever watch it again, it will just be for that opening few minutes only.

I hope that Craig does one more, he deserves it and when he puts his acting heart and soul into it he can deliver a fantastic 5th performance.... but he needs a much stronger, more powerful and once again darker script, much stronger (not necessarily bigger) action sequences, less throwbacks, and much better awe-inspiring shooting scenes and the world will go mad for it! But if it ends up being another Spectre..... then its time for a new Bond, a new Scriptwriter, a new Director and lets re-invent it again!