Daredevil and Elektra Team Up in New Season 2 Trailer

Daredevil's back, and coming along is his old flame Elektra. Check them out in a new trailer.

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-Foxtrot1359d ago

This looks fantastic

This is how you do a proper comic book TV adaptation

GigawattConduit1359d ago

God, I am so ready for this show to kick my face in.

gangsta_red1358d ago

I really thought you would be upset Fox since Elektra is suppose to be Greek.

-Foxtrot1358d ago

She is...well she's from there in the show

Foggy said last season

gangsta_red1357d ago

Foggy mentioned Elektra in the first season??

-Foxtrot1357d ago

In a flashback part when they were in college.

"Are you trying to tell me you didn't take Spanish class to struggle up to what's her name....the Greek girl"

"Whatever happened to her she was smokin"

Not Elektra by name but with the amount of Easter eggs dotted around the series and how Matt already has a past with's bound to be her.

gangsta_red1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Oooh yea, I do remember that scene! Good memory.

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PerfidiousSinn1359d ago

Punisher AND Elektra? I'm restarting Netflix ASAP