5 Soundtrack Songs That Were Replaced At The Last Minute (Vol. I)

Selecting music can be an art: It can make you feel even more emotional at a scene, it can influence how you view the person it's playing for or sometimes it's the actual song used in a historical piece. However, for one reason or another, songs directors wanted couldn't get used, or another song was simply there instead. These are a few of the movies that made that last minute decision on what or what not to include into the movie. Movies such as...

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-Foxtrot1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

You literally could count so many Bond songs.

If anyone wants to know and listen to them I'll make a list. Some of them are better then the ones which were chosen

Goldfinger by Anthony Newley

Thunderball by Johnny Cash

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Shirley Bassey (Thunderball)

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Dionne Warwick (Thunderball)

Run James Run (Pet Sounds) by the Beach Boys (You Only Live Twice)

You Only Live Twice Lorraine Chandler

You Only Live Twice Julie Roger

Live and Let Die by B. J. Arnau

The Man with the Golden Gun by Alice Cooper

For Your Eyes Only by Blondie (In the Article)

For You Eyes Only by Sheena Easton (A different version of the song)

Never Say Never Again by Lani Hall

Never Say Never Again by Phyllis Hyman

The Goldeneye by Ace of Base

Searching for the Goldeneye by Motiv8 & Kym Mazelle

Tomorrow Never Dies by Pulp

Tomorrow Never Comes by Dot Allison (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Fatal Shore by The Fixx (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Tomorrow Never Dies by Swan lee

Tomorrow Never Dies by Saint Etienne

The World is Not Enough by Straw

Beyond the Ice by Red Flag (Die Another Day)

Forever (I Am All Yours) by Eva Almer

No Good about Goodbyes (rumoured) by Shirley Bassey (Quantum of Solace)

Spectre by Radiohead

Apparently there was two songs for Casino Royale but what they actually were alludes me even to this day.