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Ewan McGregor Rumored In Talks for Star Wars Episode VIII


Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a surprise cameo when the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi spoke to Rey the first time she had a vision in the Force. You could say it's when the Force awakened in her, and it's a momentous occasion.

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-Foxtrot2422d ago

Guy deserves his own trilogy. Something which could be set between 3 and 4.

Him finding out about Vader, the fall of the Jedi Order, helping the rebels and maybe some other things...maybe something that ties into the new trilogy. Maybe him meeting a woman and having a daughter...Rey

RetrospectRealm2422d ago

A solo film yeah, not a trilogy. He was supposed to be a hermit. Not a guy going on badass adventures.

-Foxtrot2422d ago

It could show you why he became a hermit, Empire getting stronger and the like

pompombrum2422d ago

Did they ever resolve what happened to Darth Maul after the Clone Wars tv series? A solo film where either Obi Wan tracks down Darth Maul or one where Darth Maul tracks Obi Warn would be really awesome. Ewan Mcgregor was definitely one of the stand out performers on the prequels and definitely deserves his own movie and Maul felt criminally underutilized considering he barely had any scenes.

thekhurg2421d ago


Pretty sure the Emperor tracked down and slaughtered Maul and his brother.

Stringerbell2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

We saw why he became a hermit. He failed Anakin, he failed the republic, his punishment was a self imposed exile for 19 years.

Plus your timeline for Rey being a potential daughter for Obi Wan is way way off. It would make her like a 40 year old in the Force Awakens...

dauntingpixel2422d ago

i should have read your comment before responding. i think we basically said the same thing

dauntingpixel2422d ago

i think we all know why he became a recluse. he blamed himself for what happened with anakin. i really don't see rey being his daughter. the timing isn't right. she's far too young to be his kid.

Stringerbell2422d ago

No worries at least we are on the same page!

RetrospectRealm2422d ago

Lol Are you serious? We saw why he became a hermit. His padawan turning psycho and becoming a Sith Lord, killing younglings and countless innocent people is why. Plus, he's supposed to be watching over Luke, not running around having adventures.

And I forgot to add this to my other comment, but the him meeting a woman and having Rey as his daughter is a total BS theory. Rey would be 40-50 years old in The Force Awakens if that happened. Plus, that's exactly how Anakin turned to the dark side. Jedi are not supposed to have wives.

Benchm4rk2421d ago

Not sure why you think Obi Wan would be Reys father lol

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RetrospectRealm2421d ago

@aiBreeze Why would Obi Wan give a damn about Darth Maul? Not to mention, there's virtually no way Maul would track Kenobi to Tatooine. There's literally only 2 guys in the galaxy who know he's there.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32421d ago

I always sort of thought Darth Maul became General Greivous

windblowsagain2421d ago

How about he does not get a part.

All of those films with ewan in them were awful.

goldwyncq2421d ago

An actor being in an awful film does not make them awful themselves.

DarkBlood2421d ago

i hope he does have more films

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